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For most companies, growth is one of the main priorities, and achieving it without getting overwhelmed can be tricky. Having a system in place that allows growth at scale is an ideal solution, and sales management software can do the job.

The cost of sales management software in comparison with the advantages it brings presents a great deal. Solutions like bpm’online can overhaul how you handle sales making it a more efficient and profitable process.

For companies with a huge number of sales, an all-in-one solution is ideal. It improves the quality of communication with customers and other departments within the company. Continue reading to learn more about how it can be of use for you.

Sales Management Software

Marketing and sales on a single platform

Slowdown in a company can occur when information between departments is delayed or not communicated correctly. Sales management solutions like bpm’online allow for the ability to align the sales and marketing departments efficiently.

The entire customer journey from the first instance of marketing to the transaction of the sale can be aligned and automated. The control of both departments from one interface means more freedom to change processes at a faster pace.

Also no coding is required to make changes to the sales process. Your employees can handle all the little changes using the CRM platform. The improved speed at which chances can be made leads to the increase in profits. That’s because when ideas are executed faster, sales aren’t lost.

Interpretation and analysis of marketing efforts

Marketing is one of the key expenditures of any company, and keeping it under control can be tough. This is especially true when you want to increase the number of leads. However, investing in CRM systems allows for the in-depth analysis of marketing efforts. This in turn allows improvements to marketing that enhance your marketing strategy and marketing outcomes, consequently. The analysis of marketing efforts can be  conducted with the help of professional CRM software. The graphics will highlight the key areas where gains and losses occur allowing you to react accordingly. Your employees will be able to quickly interpret what’s going on in a marketing campaign, and make modifications to increase the profitability of the campaign.

Customer data capturing

For sales to be accurate in terms of customer targeting the data capture process must be accurate and in-depth. The more data you have on a particular customer, the easier for a CRM system to identify which other products the customer is likely to buy.

Data is usually gathered by CRM system via social media platforms and other open sources, or you can ask for the completion of surveys and forms. Competent CRM software will let you know when there is incomplete data. You can then manually investigate the case, or the software can ask for the entry of missing data automatically.

Customer data capturing

List segmentation

Once the data has been captured, it is put to a great use by helping to create targeted marketing campaigns. For example, different customers are at various stages of the buying process. The list can be segmented based on how ready the leads are to buy. One lead might need a nudge towards the sale, whereas another lead is ready to click on the “buy now” button.

The way you choose to segment a list is up to you, the CRM software cannot do the work for you. The software should be thought of as a tool that can help you bring sales and marketing strategies to life.


The process of improving the efficiency of a marketing and sales department can be easily achieved by investing in sales management software. Solutions can literally increase your profit margin by increasing the value extracted from each customer.

Furthermore, the sales process will be linked to the marketing one. This integration means both departments can work with a higher degree of efficiency. The cost of implementing a modern CRM system like bpm’online is negligible when you compare it to the opportunities for growth and scalability.


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