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Having an independent car dealership business competing with other companies in your local area, you need to have the edge. One way of achieving this is by investing in automotive dealer CRM software. It can improve the efficiency and organization of day to day operations.

Automotive Dealer CRM for Independent Used Car Dealerships

The instances of mistakes, missed opportunities and inaccuracy of customer data will be removed. By taking the time to read the rest of this article you’ll learn how automotive dealer CRM can be taken advantage of. If you’re investing in CRM software for the first time, then understanding the benefits helps.


Customer data capture

Building a database of customer data is essential to understand the customer buying patterns. If a customer buys a certain type of a car from you, then you know what to market to them in the future. Let’s say that you want to execute a snail mail marketing campaign in your local area. You could include the car model offers that each customer is likely to buy based on their profile.

Data can be captured via open sources such as social media platforms to improve the depth and accuracy of data. In the event that data is missing then it will be highlighted, consequently employees can manually follow up on it.

Lead management

Acquiring leads and managing them needs to be systematic so that each opportunity is maximized. User behaviour can be tracked on your website to guess what they might be interested in. Then targeted ads can be sent to increase the conversion rate.

Automotive dealer CRM software such as bpm’online can display analytics that present opportunities for your business. Having an all-in-one solution when it comes to the handling of leads improves efficiency and ease of use.

Lead generation channels can also be tracked, and the results of marketing campaigns established. This allows you to figure out what is working and what needs improvement. Without the ability to get a sense of what’s working you won’t have a direction to move forward with.

Forecast sales

To create goals you need to forecast the sales, and CRM software can handle that task. Plans can be created based on segmentation such as managers, accounts or industries.

Filtering tools can be used to get the related information within a matter of seconds. Indicators can be compared across different periods of time to measure how performance is shaping up.


CRM can also create a virtual help desk platform where customers can get in touch with customer service staff. The handling of questions can be a process that exhausts your resources. However, it’s vital to provide a great user experience.

A disgruntled customer has the ability to post their experiences online. There are multiple social media channels where this is possible. Therefore, keeping customers happy should be on the top of your priority list. CRM software allows users to have a convenient experience when trying to seek for an answer.


The implementation of an automotive dealer CRM system has the potential to completely transform the way your car dealership operates. The ability to improve the targeting for your marketing and extract the maximum value of each lead improves. Also customers will be kept happy as to the quality of the customer relationship building process will be given more attention.

The cost of implementing a software solution such as bpm’online is incomparable to the advantages it brings. The bottom line will improve due to increased sales, better customer service and customer retention.

Chances are that other car dealerships in your area are making use of CRM systems. Therefore, to stay competitive you need to take the step yourself.

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