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In case you are looking for a modality to make your job easier when it comes to handling your business, you are in the right places. Working in the sales field is quite chaotic and it seems like the work simply never ends. In order to put an end to that infinite stress that sales are introducing into your life, you should start thinking about implementing a sales CRM system that could make everything much easier than you thought it would possibly be. To do that, you will have to set specific goals that you are fully motivated to achieve. Going from manual processing of your activities to automating everything that can be automated will have a great impact upon both your personal life and your business.

CRM tool

Even it might sound a bit out of place, implementing a CRM system can change the way you are seeing things. First of all, you will be capable to take care of things that you didn’t even have the time to think about in the past. Automating all the processes that a business needs in order to work means that you will no longer have to fill your time with completing these by yourself. Technology is here to help you and you need to take advantage of it as it is instead of ignoring all the opportunities that are showing in your way. Be patient and results will start showing. That moment should be your most precious moment because from now on you can enjoy other things rather than permanently thinking about your business. You have a personal life that you need to take care of instead of repetitive processes, thousands of names and numbers and infinite non-organized databases. Read below the benefits of using a sales CRM tool and a small guide on how you can use them. For more info regarding sales, click here.


Obtaining full visibility is one of the goals that you need to achieve when owning a business in the sales field. You can only do that by implementing CRM software that can take care of all your tasks in one single place rapidly and efficiently. CRM is a set of strategies, policies and technologies strictly designed to attract and obtain customer’s loyalty. Broadly, CRM systems include activities that are related to many domains, including sales. Applications like these provide a global view of all customer information and are used to streamline the entire lifecycle of a process, from generating interest to a complete commercial transaction. Implementing a CRM system fits any type of business.

It is especially addressed to growing companies that do have a rapid development pace. Areas where a sales CRM tool can be useful are very diverse: governmental organizations, financial sectors, production, health, social services etc. Using a CRM tool helps with identifying valuable clients that deserve investment in the long run, while creating the premises for developing a loyalty and retention system for all the clients. Of course, it also facilitates target-oriented communication with clients and gives prospects by segmented updated databases. Direct marketing campaigns will be visibly improved. The 365 degree visibility factor will have a great impact upon your business from day 1.

Sales Log

When it comes to sales log, history and customers in general there are a few things that you will need to take into account:

  • Managing the prospects and customer database with ease
  • Managing day-to-day activities for each sales agent
  • Evaluating the efficiency of each sales agent
  • Evaluating in real time how much of your monthly / quarterly / personal goal was achieved
  • Providing access to important data about customer history and needs
  • Using criteria for sorting out history (subsequent marketing)
  • Tracking the status of each sales opportunity
  • Following contact with the client
  • Creating premises for win-win relationships (fidelity benefits and discounts etc.)



Bpm’online is one of the vendors that offer every sales CRM tool you can think of. No matter the reason you decided to implement a CRM system, bpm’online is here to help you with it. With its wide range of features you can solve any issue you previously encounter with your sales system. Plus it has a very user-friendly interface that won’t raise any question to anyone that decides to use it. You can access it from any kind of platform, from the comfort of your own home given the fact that their database is accessible at all times. Phone, tablet, computer – whatever you may choose you have full control and visibility over your data. No matter if you are thinking knowledge management, system designing, product management or other services, you have it all in one single place.

bpm’online CRM tool

BP Logix

BP Logix is another CRM system vendor that can help your business out. Making a good choice in choosing the appropriate CRM software is paramount for a visible efficiency increase. BP Logix is well-known for their processing timeline option, customer experiences improvement and knowledge base. The Process Director section offers users something unique – deployment options that are completely personalized according to the needs and requirements of every user. Why is this something so advantageous for clients? This option allows users to perfect the software in order to respect needs such as critical system permission, extensive integration or large internal communities. It is also extremely flexible regarding capacity, provisioning, reliability etc.

BP Logix

Activity Management System BTL

Activity Management System BTL has a clear system of features that is introduced to each user. With it, you are going to be capable of performing plans in terms of tasks and staff members, to design project key indicators, to set up estimated norms and track them after, to share project reports with associates or even store the project data centralized, without any difficulties. With using Activity Management System BTL you will no longer find mistakes regarding project data and the reports you are going to view are fast and easy to read. Also, BTL can be integrated with other kind of tools and it promises full transparency.

Activity Management System BTL

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