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Sales Process Automation Software

The role of sales function in a business is difficult to underestimate. Sales function works around the clock to build and maintain a solid customer base. And customers are the fuel of any business: they foster it’s functioning and growth by providing inflow of funds. Knowing what a vital role sales plays in a business, one might have an obvious question:

What can businesses do to improve the way their sales function?

The best way to achieve that would be the implementation of Sales Process Automation (SPA) software into daily work. SPA software is designed to bring systematic, seamless, and informed approaches to every stage of the selling process. Whether it is planning and forecasting, identification and qualification of leads, or post-purchase follow-up procedures, usage of SPA software can bring noticeable results into any of these.

Bpm’online offers a complete Sales Process Automation solution that can be used in a myriad of sales functions, such as:

  • Lead management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Document flow automation
  • Field sales automation
  • And many others

Furthermore, bpm’online provides an opportunity for businesses to dip their toes in a water by offering a free trial of their SPA software. Please, refer to bpmonline.com for more detailed information.

Next, a few noteworthy benefits of SPA software are presented.

Sales Process Automation improves lead management

Working with leads constitutes an integral part of sales function; hence, a significant amount of time is dedicated to it. It is essential that the time is used most productively. SPA software ensures that this is done by constantly providing salespeople with accurate, up-to-date information regarding leads during generation, qualification, and distribution stages. Bpm’online SPA solution is exceptional at doing that, because it can retrieve information from a wide range of sources, thus making sure that decision-making takes into account all available information. On top of that it has analytical tools that improve lead management in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness.

bpm'online Sales Process Automation software

Sales Process Automation helps to understand online behavior of potential customers

One of the ways most effective tools of SPA for gathering quantitative data is study of potential customers’ behavior online. Businesses can get detailed reports of every activity of each person that visited their website: the pages they visited, the amount of time they spend on each page and so on. That kind of information can prove to be most valuable as it reveals what exactly interests potential customers the most. What makes it even better is the fact that potential customers don’t have to put in any effort or time to give this information. And at times it might be the only way to retrieve information regarding the potential customers, because not everyone would want to participate in surveys, polls, interviews or other time-consuming activities.

Sales Process Automation facilitates communication

By providing a single platform for all sales functions, SPA software facilitates communication and cooperation not just within the sales department but within whole business. When all departments have access to information of sales department, then everyone can be on the same page; meaning that business will be able to perform as a single, coherent unit, and it can make its departments work toward unified goals. This greatly lessens chance of various blunders and improves productivity of business.

It should be noted that this is not an exhaustive list of benefits associated with use of Sales Process Automation software as there is much more. However, seeing the effectiveness of SPA in practice would be a much better testament to its quality and usability. So one can only be advised to do a free test drive of bpm’online SPA software that was mentioned above.

Benefits of Sales Process Automation software

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