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Table of Contents
  • What is SFA?
  • Why SFA?
    • Lost opportunities
    • Poor prioritization
    • Reps accountability
  • What are key functions of SFA?
  • What are advantages of SFA?

Ever-rising competition, incoherent leads data, unproductive sales cycles can result in an unstable position of your company on the market.  Routine operations make your managers frustrated what badly affects their efficiency. Fortunately, there is a good way to accelerate things – to integrate Sales Force Automation software or SFA.

What is sales force automation? This is the computer program, which eliminates time-consuming tasks related to selling. Owning to SFA your reps get free from repetitive work and can focus more on selling.

The smart sales force automation system like the bpm’online CRM products is meant to automate all the business processes such as selling, stock accounting, performance control, tracking of clients’ interactions, sales forecast and insightful analysis.

SFA dashboards

Why SFA?

There are some reasonable arguments why any company needs to introduce the SFA software.

Lost opportunities. Sales reps cannot keep in mind all the interactions with clients, remember the deadlines and bear in head all the appointments, which must be made with potential or loyal customers. If all these activities are not managed by a centralized system, your sales agents are likely to miss a good opportunity of closing a profitable deal. The SFA tools manage follow-ups, organize reminders about every potential deal and do not let an employee to miss a task, which must be completed by a deadline.

Poor prioritization. Often reps do not fully realize what task is the best use of their time and start working on the lowest quality leads. By deploying the SFA solution you assign lead ranks to each perspective deal and also get a clear differentiation between cold sales leads and sales opportunities. Plus, you can track indicators of how profitable a deal may be, thus your reps focus on the most beneficial leads firstly.

Reps accountability. With the advanced SFA software your sales agents always strive to improve their performance since the solution estimates individual sales and compares them to the results of other managers. Such a tool gives detailed information on how much profit an employee generates or what percentage of leads he converts into sales. These KPI metrics push the reps to work at a higher level.

bpmonline SFA

What are key functions of SFA?

Sales management functions of SFA are truly sophisticated:

  • Leads generation and qualification;
  • Client database segmentation and contact management;
  • Sales funnel analysis;
  • Probability and profitability analysis;
  • Recording and analysis of sales stages;
  • Competitor profile analysis;
  • Auditing of customers’ demands;
  • Projects management;
  • Performance control;
  • Developing of marketing strategies;
  • Creating a long-lasting competitive advantage;
  • Real-time sales forecast;
  • SFA evaluates managers’ efficiency on the base of embedded KPI metrics;
  • Documents and deals processing.

All these useful functions enable your company to be fully focused on clients’ life cycle (lead generation, capture, conversion, retention, long-term loyalty) by planning and structuring sales in the most advantageous way, and thus increasing sales profitability. Moreover, with the help of the SFA platform sales managers work much more productively, using their time more effectively what results in reduced costs, increased sales revenue and improvement of the market share.

What are advantages of SFA?

SFA customer database analytics

The first reason why company owners deploy the sales force automation system is that it manages contacts. Managers have a comprehensive view of every customer as the system keeps complete  history of communication, tracks transactions and checks deals the customers are involved in and completes the profiles of your clients by analyzing data coming from various communication channels: social networks, phone calls, feedback from your website. How does it work? For example, your client leaves a feedback on your page on social media networks and this information is immediately recorded by the intelligent SFA software. By knowing opinions of your customers you get a better understanding of their needs.

One of the unique advantages of sales force automation is that it makes your business personalized. The SFA solution has a wide array of marketing-approved compelling email templates, promotional campaigns and commercial offers which can be sent to target audience in one click. With the help of graphical dashboards your managers monitor and evaluate success of these campaigns.

The sales force automation software not only audits success of promotional campaigns, but automatically generates all possible reports for managers and executives. Additionally, this function allows to assess performance of individual managers as well as sales territories, product/services lines. The reps can compare actual sales against forecasts and identify what areas can be improved.

Customization and personalization are the next benefits of the sales force automation solution. It means that SFA software is applicable to any line of business as its capabilities can easily be tailored to meet specific objectives of a company. For example, if you have an online shop, you can customize your SFA platform to track orders and delivers.

The SFA technology manages documents too. For example, online sales force automation deliver a seamless access to the latest versions of marketing documents and materials, which your rep may need right now. Obviously, the solution acts like an on-demand resource for vital business materials providing a general document repository.

The best sales force automation software helps increase clients’ satisfaction. Since the system obtains and analyzes information about customers, your reps can use this data to create a product or service, which will match or even exceed customers’ expectations that will have a positive effect on your business. If clients are satisfied, they turn into loyal, costs on customers’ acquisition decrease while profit margins increase. This is how your company becomes more comparative with SFA tools.

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