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Real Estate Transaction Management Software & CRM

dotloopdotloop provides an online platform to empower real estate professionals to get deals done. Find out why we are the top choice for industry leading brands.

Contact info

700 W Pete Rose Way #446, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 45203
Website: www.dotloop.com


dotloop Real Estate CRM

dotloop CRM Features

  • Mobile App
  • Reporting
  • Outbound Telephony
  • Email Campaigns
  • Task Management
  • Customized Action Plans
  • Automotive Lead Management
  • Chat / Messaging
  • Document Management

Video Review

dotloop App Reviews

dotloop app reviews

7 responses to “Dotloop Real Estate CRM Reviews”

  1. I enjoy having a paperless document management platform. It is great they have your own feature to scan in a document using a mobile device. Setting up templates is a nice feature, and being able to track sales and the amount of contracts you’re writing is very handy. Awesome to be able to submit files to brokers, and receive approval.

    Almost everything, I find the website sometimes lagging in speed, I like all the features, but the execution seems poor. Mobile integration seems like almost an after thought, there are many features that are available on desktop, but not in mobile. Mobile signing support was a nightmare when I tried to facilitate a contract signing on my mobile device, I was terribly embarrassed. Site design is just simply not user friendly and isn’t intuitive.

    Docusign is about a hundred times easier to use, if what they offer can satisfy your needs, I would go that direction, I enjoyed using that much more at my previous brokerage.

    Communicating records to a broker, and the ability to access documents at my fingertips are the benefits of the product.

  2. So much better than trying to use the full site on my phone. It makes it easy to do contracts on the go! No more waiting to get back to the office. Seal the deal!

  3. I have five years of doing transactions with commercial real estate. Before, I always had a pile of papers with descriptions and notes. But now, thanks to the mobile application of the program, I get rid of paper work!

  4. Good, usable, convenient soft! For people involved in some way with the real estate business – it is a necessity. With dotloop you’ll have an access to your transactions anytime, from any place. As for me, I use this soft for the electronic sign, analytics and workflow automation. Speed, convenience, productivity. Because of these qualities I like dotloop and I use it everyday!

  5. I use this soft every day. Very comfortable and easy to use, minimal design with maximum functionality. My transactions always with me.

  6. Before dotloop, I tried to use a lot of applications which were working with real estate transactions. But then, I discovered dotloop. And now I feel pretty happy with this mobile application. I like everything about this app. For example, you can customize your actions and manage all you related documents. Also chat and messaging system is very well, you will always be in touch. Put your real estate transaction plans, and it come true. Automotive Lead feature is really helpful and I always use it. The support is working 24 hours a day, so you can get the answers on your questions literally any time.

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