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ClientLook Real Estate CRM

Unrivaled Commercial Real Estate CRM

Win more business and close deals faster with the most powerful, hassle-free commercial real estate CRM software available.

Regional offices: USA, California

Website: www.clientlook.com

2 responses to “ClientLook Real Estate CRM Reviwes”

  1. ClientLook is best in class. As a CRM it delivers a new level of simplicity, convenience and power that we’ve never seen before in a technology solution.

  2. I like client look because it is user friendly and I like the layout of the website. I also like that you can add tasks so you don’t forgot to do something in a month from now or even a year.
    I don’t like the way it exports to Chimpmail. I’ve been to the online classes and have watched videos and I still have issues with connecting both of them together.
    Again, I think have adding task to certain clients is key. It makes me realize how many contacts fall through the cracks

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