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marketing automation

The term “marketing automation” is used to denote the software aimed at automating marketing efforts. In other words, such platforms let businesses streamline, computerize and measure marketing objectives and workflows. As a result, companies increase their operational efficiency and make revenue grow as fast as possible. Marketing automation software provides businesses computerization of email distribution, social media invitations, and a number of other website actions.

As different from automating of manufacturing processes, these systems will not make the work of your team irrelevant or useless. They will let the employees allow some time for other tasks and aims, while all the routine operations will be fulfilled automatically. It is important to note that the platforms of this kind do not cast a shadow over the authenticity of the company’s content, as well as its goods and services.

Bpm’online CRM is the sales, marketing and service automation platform developed by bpm’online. It includes a functional, but a simple visual process designer, a user-friendly library for the documents, an easy-to-use process log and so on. Applying to this software, you can visualize all your tasks, schedule different operations and entrust solution of numerous issues to the electronic helper. Read more about bpm’online on https://www.bpmonline.com/marketing.

bpmonline marketing automation

How will marketing automation help you?

As a rule, the companies that leverage such solutions have effective sales and marketing teams, which operate as a single, strong-knit and coordinated crew. The services like bpm’online will help you:

  • Generate more successful leads;
  • Qualify and highlight the key points of the leads you’re working with;
  • Aid their development, so that they would be sales-ready as soon as possible;
  • Control and monitor all the marketing campaigns, which take place through email;
  • Find out how profitable your campaigns are.

Marketing automation software lets companies save their time and resources: applying to such platforms, they can easily manage all their campaigns in an integrated solution. These systems work like an autopilot, offering businesses a perfect opportunity to devote time to other tasks, while all the necessary operations will be fulfilled automatically.

What is marketing automation?

How to leverage marketing automation platforms

Nowadays, many salespeople bank on email marketing to produce results. They try to send as many emails as possible, making their potential and existing clients feel nervous because of this rush of correspondence. Marketers think that if they use their entire register of consumers, they’ll make the latter buy the goods they offer. Does it work? In most cases, it does not turn out to be as productive as your marketers hope it to. Naturally, in some cases it works. It MUST work. Nevertheless, the reality of this scenario is as follows:

  • Salesmpeople often waste their time and money offering products and services to the people who are not interested in purchasing or ordering them.
  • Being too persistent, salespersons burn their lists of clients. They annoy the contacts, and the latter jump ship leaving the company with no opportunity to work with them in future.

An effective marketing program should operate in a different way. First of all, a business is advised to apply to a marketing automation system. It will let sales reps nurture their leads throughout the entire buying process. Moreover, they’ll create task-oriented, customized messages that spur people on to purchase certain products. A basic automated email flow chart can look the following way:

  1. Your marketer emails a proposition to download your new eBook to a projected register of contacts.
  2. The marketer sends thank-you letters to all the customers who have downloaded this offer.
  3. In several days, the abovementioned list of potential buyers gets a follow-up email from your team. An email offers them looking at a success story concerned with the same topic.
  4. Finally, when some of the addressees download the success story, your sales professionals receive a corresponding notification, so that they can follow up with these clients.

It is very important for the marketing specialists to put themselves in their prospect’s shoes. Would they feel happy receiving hundreds of standard emails every day? Or would they prefer to receive customized and personalized emails, written on the basis of their interests and needs? Naturally, the second variant is much more attractive. It looks personalized. It makes a person feel as if they were actually interacting with the company. When receiving such emails, consumers are much more likely to place confidence in that business. And therefore, they will buy from them!

These are the very fundamentals of a successful marketing automation. It helps marketers target their contacts and offer them what they really need. In turn, it becomes much easier for customers to make their buying decision. Eventually, the company’s conversion rates increases.

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