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Table of Contents
  • Explore raw facts about marketing automation platform
  • What is marketing automation?
  • The benefits of using marketing automation tools
    • Better up your lead generation strategy
    • Pay extra attention to lead nurturing
    • Boost results through marketing and sales alignment

Explore raw facts about marketing automation platform

The ever-rising competition in the business world encourages companies to devise new techniques and strategies to get the customer attention. More and more companies are keeping their focus on the execution of the applied tactics in order to boost their productivity and actually transform their marketing campaigns into a powerful revenue-generating tool. Consequently, the marketing budgets continue to grow. Nowadays, businesses allocate 28% of their total marketing budgets to content marketing and the ones who find this channel the most promising dedicate up to 46% of their budget. At the same time, 92% of B2B companies use email marketing software and 60% of executives consider email as the channel that brings the most ROI. With customers’ satisfaction being the top priority of majority of businesses, these strategies deserve undivided attention of C-level marketers. The performance of these intricate tactics requires precision and technological backup. It only makes sense that marketing automation platforms became so popular. It has been declared countless times that marketing automation will change the world and, evidently, it does. One company at a time.

marketing automation platform

What is marketing automation?

Marketers are burdened with a lot of responsibilities like lead generation and lead nurturing. They need to find and exploit the best communication channels to reach their target audience, they have to convert their website visitors to contacts and nurture these contacts until they become sales-ready leads. It would have been a time-consuming and demanding job if it were not for marketing automation platforms like bpm’online, which is a technological toolset designed to automate key marketing processes. Fortunately, there is way to simplify the process. Marketing automation tools gives businesses the opportunity to track the leads and automate content delivery through different communication channels like email or content, social media or mobile marketing enabling the triumph of your lead nurturing efforts. In addition, it helps business to work with potential prospect at the earliest stages of acquisition.

The benefits of using marketing automation tools

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Better up your lead generation strategy

According to the B2B marketers, the ability to generate more and high quality leads is the biggest benefit of deploying marketing automation platform. However, the automation of marketing activities is only as good if implemented correctly, as only 3% of overall traffic converts into actual leads. Otherwise, it will be waste of time, money and effort. Understanding your customer is the key aspect of a successful lead generation strategy. Businesses have to identify the needs of their potential customers and concentrate on communication channels that would actually reach their target audience. The recent studies suggest that content marketing, email marketing and social media are the best-performing lead gen strategies. 83% of marketers use content marketing to achieve their lead gen goals while 44% leverage email. It is also crucially important for companies to establish specific business objectives. For example, if B2B organizations are determined to increasing the quantity and the quality of generated leads, they should definitely use personalized marketing campaigns. The best marketing automation platforms create a 360-degree profile on their contacts and use that essential data to address each prospect individually.

Pay extra attention to lead nurturing

Lead nurturing appears to be one of the most significant parts of effective marketing tactics as the companies who use marketing automation to nurture leads experience a whopping 451% increase in qualified leads. Even so, the companies who lack of lead nurturing cannot convert 78% of marketing leads into sales. Moreover, approximately 50% of nurtured leads make larger purchases, unlike the non-nurtured. Today’s potential clients set the high standards of customer service and do not become buyers overnight. Prospective buyers face at least 10 marketing interactions with a company from the moment they enter the top of the funnel until they are transformed to a customer. Marketers need to develop relationships and maintain constant dialog with potential buyers through every step of customer journey. If you want your company to excel at lead nurturing you need to keep potential buyers engaged by offering the most relevant subject for their situation. While performing various lead nurturing activities, you have to monitor certain metrics to evaluate the success of applied tactics. The most important are:

leads nutrition

  • CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • Conversion rate
  • Time-to-Customer conversion

Being an expert at lead nurturing means delivering content that is worthwhile enough to keep your audience occupied. The latest studies suggest that almost 70% of all created content is never actually used. The most common explanation for the weak results is that the topic was trivial and unimportant to the audience.

bpmonline sales in malaysia

Boost results through marketing and sales alignment

There has been an ongoing debate for years on whether marketing & sales departments should walk hand in hand. However, the statistics suggests that the alignment of these crucial departments is absolutely imperative. The companies that establish collaboration between marketing and sales confirm to generate 208% more revenue from marketing campaigns. These businesses create a cooperative environment where employees share valuable data and, as a result, they become 67% better at closing deals. When choosing the most suitable marketing automation platform, you will have to verify that your marketing automation tools are easily integrated with your sales force automation system. B2B organizations who enabled the alignment of these business units have achieved an impressive 32% annual revenue increase while less aligned businesses are losing 7% yearly.

The abovementioned facts prove that marketing automation is a fundamental part of modern day businesses. B2B companies need to use every resource to optimize the internal business processes for all customer-facing operations while attracting new clients and maintaining a constant dialog with existing ones. If your company is determined to keep up with the ever-changing business environment, it will have to apply creative marketing generation techniques and lead nurturing tactics. Otherwise, it will be left behind. In addition, your company will have to be backed up by sophisticated marketing automation solutions to reach your business goals and increase profits.

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