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When it comes to automation, less is definitely not more. The more tools short-term rental businesses have at their fingertips, the easier it becomes to customize and address unique requirements.

So, go ahead and invest in new technology on a regular basis. If you do not know where to start, a good idea is to invest in vacation rental, key exchange and pricing optimization software first as these three areas are key to improve the guest experience and help you to grow your short-term rental business.

airbnb management software

Vacation Rental Software

Vacation rental software is by far one of the smartest tools in the shed. It is definitely a solution that professional hosts and short-term rental managers should seriously consider getting as it will help you to manage hundreds of Airbnb listings efficiently at the same time.

Luckily there is a wide range of options available today with Tokeet, Guesty and AirGMS being three of the most comprehensive vacation rental software solutions. Though, to give you a better idea of what vacation rental software can offer, we’ll look at AirGMS.

AirGMS is an Airbnb management tool that has been created to help hosts and managers automate many of their day-to-day tasks and boost their income. In fact, it is the only vacation rental software for Airbnb management that you will ever need to manage multiple Airbnb accounts.

It boasts countless fabulous features that include a single inbox for your messages and sending automated messages which ultimately translate to an improved guest experience. These features will save you a significant amount of time which means that you can shift your undivided attention to what matters most – growing your short-term rental business.

AirGMS also lets you automate your reviews. You can have the best managerial skills, but if your listings do not generate five-star reviews you might as well just close your doors. Any host will tell you – five-star reviews are what drive any Airbnb business. Though, the trick is to find ways to motivate guests to leave reviews and thanks to this feature hosts can set the example and leave a review at the end of each stay.

Automating the key exchange process will open the door to a seamless check-in experience and go far in preventing complaining guests. So, for a truly effortless key exchange process that is entirely automated, short-term rental businesses can turn to EveryDoor or Keycafe.

In short, EveryDoor’s software connects to the intercom system and smart lock. Then, by using a pin code, a door can be unlocked automatically to allow cleaners or guests to enter. What makes it so great is that it allows you to keep track of check-ins via its web dashboard which enables you to close the door on any unauthorized guests.

Keycafe, one of the leading key management platforms, works slightly differently. Instead of using pin codes to unlock a door, your guests or cleaners will receive a notification with the location and pin so that they can collect your keys at one of the Keycafe locations whenever it suits them.

Pricing Optimization Software

One way to get more bookings and boost your profitability is to study the market and changes in pricing carefully, however that is easier said than done. To get the pricing just right is one of the most important aspects of any short-term rental and calls for considerable planning. Get it wrong and your listing will not reach its full potential. Beyond Pricing and Wheelhouse are two examples of price management software, but we’ll focus more on Beyond Pricing to show you how it works.

With the help of Beyond Pricing, you can completely automate the pricing of your listings. Unlike the Airbnb smart pricing feature, Beyond Pricing is really accurate and more comprehensive than most pricing algorithms. Plus, it offers much better customization options!

All you have to do is simply link your HomeAway or Airbnb account and it will analyze the data to determine the best price for your listing. It will even take into consideration the effect of holidays and other market trends to provide you with the average price as well as a reasonable maximum price. The only possible downside is that it is not free. Though, as it will help you to increase your profits, you will not mind paying for this stellar service.


From key exchange solutions to vacation rental software solutions, automation is the ultimate answer to help you stay two steps ahead of the competition. What makes automation so great is that it empowers short-term rental businesses to expand, but without generating extra overhead costs. What’s more, not only will it make your life easier, it is a sure way to impress every guest.

I would put vacation rental as #1 and list more options apart from AirGMS. The same is for the pricing optimization software

Mention at least 2-3 software solutions in each category. For example: “There are X, Y & Z tools for key exchange but we will focus more on EveryDoor software to show how it works”

I would suggest adding at least Keycafe

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