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Nowadays CRM in banking sector offers a great deal of tools for managing banking processes.


The powerful banking CRM offers various tools for front-offices and contact centers. Users manage a full process of bank sales and analyze client database to get precise data. A unified database of bank customers includes detailed profiles, the history of communications, offered products, transactions, bank accounts, cards and other financial instruments. In banks CRM visual diagrams help to see the entire relationship structure with suppliers and partners for developing better banking strategies. Bpm’online also enables to assess the progress of banking relationships and analyze the crucial performance indicators. The system uses the best practices to help corporate and retail banking be more effective. Users may leave a request for a free demo version at https://www.bpmonline.com/financial-services.

Bpm'online Banking CRM Software


The bank CRM provides high-impact solutions for increasing customer loyalty and speeding up banking processes. It manages all leads on a unified platform, automates lead assignment and establishes an efficient analysis for each stage of banking activity. Customer profitability tools help to segment client profiles, ease strategies, increase wallet-share and service all requests from clients on a single platform. For more information and benefits visit http://www.crmnext.com/industries/banking/

CRMNEXT Banking CRM Software


Pega CRM for banks offers a wide range of opportunities for commercial, retail and investment banking. The system collects data on a unified analytic platform for banking processes and coordinates service interactions. Users can create and manage business rules and applications including banking. Using CRM in banks, users can execute effective marketing campaigns, deliver customer service interactions and use such channels as call centers, mobile and the Internet for future challenges. Find more products and resources at https://www.pega.com/banking-crm.

Pega Banking CRM Software

Sugar CRM

This platform is chosen by retail and commercial banks for managing financial services. It brings together the key tools for building stable relationships with customers. Advanced workflow tools let banking institutions create smart solutions for lead transfers and support. Learn how investment managers can use CRM at https://www.sugarcrm.com/solutions/financial-services.

Sugar Banking CRM Software


The system offers cloud-enabled banking CRM solution for commercial sector. Its integration capabilities and user-friendly interface help to strengthen relationships with corporate customers. CRM aggregates and manages client accounts and measures their profitability. Team collaboration tools improve communication among bank employees and help them to boost bank product lines. Integration and customization of back-office systems simplifies banking operations. CRM solutions for banks include built-in client reporting with evaluation and tracking of opportunities and goals. Data regulation makes sure that all compliance procedures are in order. Moreover, the system has a number of tools for banking insurance including insurance forecasting, task monitoring and real-time support. Check http://www.kapturecrm.com/commercial-banking  for more information about corporate banking CRM.

Kapture Banking CRM Software


The CRM banking software has a set of tools for budgeting, forecasting and customer relationship management. Finance and accounting tools enable to accept and process payments, manage the book value and fixed assets, collect data for financial reports accurately and quickly monitor workflows. The system also helps to comply with the current accounting standards. The automated processes eliminate any possible mistakes.

Have a look at http://www.netsuite.com/portal/industries/financial/features.shtml to learn more about products and solutions.

Salesboom Banking CRM Software

Salesboom CRM

Salesboom is CRM software for banks, which offers various options for credit cards, loans, financial products and document management. The system automates processing of loan requests, track account activities and transactions, creates leads and maximizes cross-selling. It also helps to track and assign activities to employees and regulate the work of bank executives and credit officers. The implementation enables to comply with regulatory and organizational policy. For more features and free trials of CRM for banking visit http://www.salesboom.com/products/Banking-crm-software-solution.html.

Sedona CRM

Sedona has a great variety of analytic tools, which cannot be found in all CRM in banking and financial services. The system determines the most profitable banking products for bank’s customers. It is combined with profitability data of a particular bank and service-product combinations. It also analyzes which product needs additional marketing efforts or larger campaigns. In addition to detailed analytics, the CRM in banking deals with customer acquisition and retention, cross-selling and upselling of banking products, process efficiency, campaign management and core integration. More detailed information is available at http://www.sedonacorp.com/banking-solutions.html.

Tools and Features of Competitive Bank CRM Software

  • Acquiring, integrating and analyzing of internal and external customer data.
  • Tools to simplify banking processes, transactions and understand customers’ needs.
  • Simplifying of product sets of CRM in banking industry.
  • Tools for changing banking regulatory requirements.
  • Detailed analytic tools, projecting capabilities and accessibility to mobile phones and tablet PCs.
  • Simple and predictable pricing.

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