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The excellent customer experience starts with the excellent helpdesk software, which provides your customer support managers an opportunity to handle service requests. The advanced service desk is at the very core of great customer service. With such a great platform your agents can quickly, effortlessly and transparently process even a high amount of clients’ requests

The intelligent CRM Software entails the helpdesk module, which in its turn streamlines customer support with the help of timesaving tools including automations, ticket views, and triggers. The aim of this IT-solution is to build long-term and fruitful relationships between your company and clients. The powerful service desk likes one developed by the bpm’online software solutions empowers your organization to be much more efficient and productive at the workplace, regardless of the complexity of your IT environment.

The best service desk platform is to deliver intuitive user experience and provide essential tasks coverage:

  • customer requests processing,
  • incident and problem management,
  • customer center,
  • CMDB and asset management,
  • SLA management,
  • extensive reporting capabilities and dashboards.

Let us take a closer look at the features of the top-notch service desk software.

service desk software

Essentials of great service desk

All customers want to be at the center of your attention. Give your clients and business partners what they want and expect from you with a good service desk that has a wide array of features aimed to help your organization become more client-oriented.

Customer requests processing

Customer requests processing

The best service desk encompasses the tools of a ticket system, which stores and processes all the requests in a unified place. The platform overviews new, open, watched, pending and completed tickets and filters them according to type, priority, escalation time and so on. The predefined email notifications let your agents know and process new tickets immediately. The smart ticket lock/unlock option prevents your managers from working on one and the same ticket.

The bpm’online helpdesk software automatically assigns requests between responsible service reps. Also the solution provides various statistics what gives a better understanding of each client and their demands and expectations. The ticket system as a part of the service desk is easily tailored for the objectives of your organization, for example, creation of response templates, signatures and FAQs.

Incident and problem management

Incident and problem management

Whether it is service desk on-premise or online helpdesk, the platform manages IT-problems and eliminates recurring incidents by:

  1. automated announcing the problems and incident tickets,
  2. classifying the problems and defining root causes,
  3. analyzing an impact of problems and identifying future incidents with severity minimization,
  4. maintaining known error records and helping IT-managers look for them in a self-service portal,
  5. generating insightful reports. 

Customer center

Customer center

Modern service desks entail features of a customer engagement center with an omni-channel customer service and support. This tool ensures that client interactions are consistent and effective. The system collects information about clients from different communication portals including social media, analyzes the obtained data and develops strategies for cooperating with customers through a client’s most preferable channel.

With such a solution your service agents know the best ways of interaction with customers in a given situation, while appearing more intelligent about the client’s relationship with your company. The features of a good customer engagement center:

  • task management,
  • dashboard and real-time analytics,
  • knowledge management,
  • social media monitoring,
  • peer-to-peer support.

Asset management

The service desk solution or helpdesk online is so powerful and functional that enables your managers to handle a great number of IT hardware and software assets like purchasing, deployment or disposal and track dependencies between various assets. The embedded inventory tools scan the assets and keep them updated while avoiding vulnerabilities, optimizing asset utilization and ensuring license compliance what results in the reduced IT-costs. In other words, a good service desk encompasses features of configuration management database or CMDB.

SLA management

Service level agreement (SLA) management provides your company with a comprehensive picture on whether you meet the needs of your clients and ensures timely resolutions. This tool allows your reps to maintain a constant stream of data, determine, arrange and track levels of your service delivery more efficiently. With Service Desk your employees can fix deadlines or meet response in accordance with ITIL best practices.

Reports and dashboards


Service desk software and online help desk solutions offer great built-in tools to analyze and measure success of your company:

  • summary report makes it possible to select tickets, filter them by category, status and time period. With this option your service reps see the response times and duration for each ticket. Also in this dashboard you can see what customers create most of the tickets.
  • Tickets per day show the total volume of tickets created and closed on a specific period (day, week or month). Moreover, this dashboard shows distribution of tickets per day of a week or per time of a day during the specific time period. Your agents can take advantage of this information to forecast the times when they will have the maximum load.
  • Technician statistics allow to estimate performance of your service team in terms of their response speed and intelligence.

The progressive service desk software offers even more functions and opportunities. Among them are:

  • service catalog,
  • contract management,
  • IT-project management,
  • release management,
  • embedded best practices and ITIL workflows,
  • self-service portal.

You can read more about features and capabilities of online helpdesk on https://www.bpmonline.com/service.

Why is service desk important?

The smart service desk meant to reveal hitches in your system and give significant scope for improvement define objectives and plans, identify problem areas, find solutions and increase business efficiency. Deployment of help desk is very advantageous for any company because the platform:

  • streamlines pre- and post-sale issues,
  • helps perspective and loyal clients be in touch with your company,
  • resolves problems faced in customer service,
  • ensures that your clients have 24/7 customer support,
  • uses analytics to predict and satisfy customers’ needs and expectations.

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