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Given the fact that service desks are the single and most important point where customers can address their issues, it literally represents the main door of a business online. As services are more and more complex, the job of service desk agents is also becoming more difficult as they need to handle various procedures and technology solutions to give their customers proper support.

This is why effective knowledge management is so important with this business process. Quality and organized knowledge can improve the level of service, increase the productivity of service desk employees, and reduce the amount of mistakes made. So, in order to improve knowledge management here is what you need to do.

Create a centralized depository for knowledge

depository for knowledge

As there is more and more technology in business, the amount of important knowledge grows as well. There is valuable information in social media conversations, emails, blog comments, reviews, calls, forums, and so on.

This is why all businesses need a centralized depository where they can store valuable knowledge and use it when needed. With such valuable knowledge at their disposal, employees can make better, more informed decisions and learn faster.

All of the important information needs to be stored in one place. This is how different employees can complement each other’s knowledge. For example, if someone knows something about orders, he or she should document the information. If your customer service employees received feedback about your services, they should document this information as well.

Your knowledge depository needs to be accessible

Given the fact that you will need information to resolve problems, getting it as quickly as possible can affect how fast you resolve issues. This is why you need to find a good knowledge base solution that can be acceded quickly, organized with a certain structure, and it also needs to be searchable.

No matter if the knowledge base will be used by employees or customers, the information stored needs to be updated often so that it remains relevant. This is why you need a flexible and accessible solution that can be both updated and accessed very quickly, to find the latest information on a certain topic.

This way, first contact resolution metrics will improve greatly while your cost per contact will be reduced. Simply put, with relevant and up to date information, you will instantly be able to tackle issues in a timely manner.

Make knowledge management a part of everyday work

knowledge management software

Most businesses cannot afford to take employees away from their regular activities and have them work on populating the knowledge base. Instead of trying to do this all at once, you should train your employees to do this bit by bit during their regular working hours.

For example, if a service employee talks to customers and gets valuable information from them, as soon as he or she finishes the conversation, they should look to document the knowledge they’ve acquired. This will also help them memorize important information; they will share it with other people across the organization as well as be able to remind themselves and refresh their knowledge when needed.

If you think about it, this is not a technological issue but a cultural one. Employees need to think about the whole organization and have a collaborative mindset where they will instantly share valuable information with the rest of their peers through a knowledge base.

Analyze your knowledge management to improve results

analize your knowledge management

There are many different things when it comes to knowledge management, the way you store information, how you organize it, structure it, link articles, etc. Additionally, sometimes it can be pretty difficult to determine which information is valuable and which isn’t.

This is why it’s important to measure how your knowledge management is affecting your sales desk processes. Consider important metrics such as first contact resolution and which articles have improved that metric.

How many articles were added and updated and by which employees? What are employees looking for the most? When you analyze all of these things, you will gain a better insight into what you are doing wrong and further improve the productivity of your knowledge management.

The best solution for effective knowledge management is to either get a good CRM system that can be integrated with your service desk software or has one within, or to find a similar knowledge base system.

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