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If you want to snag jobs within the software field, then you need to build a powerful software developer resume.  Building your resume starts the moment you start your degree because your potential employers will be looking at the field you concentrated in while in university.

When contemplating school generally speaking you will have the choice between a two year program and a four year program; if you have the time a four year program will always be looked upon more favorable on a resume than a two year school.  This said, there are certain things that you can do with both programs that can make your resume much more attractive.

For example, when a potential employer looks over a software developer resume they will expect to see work experience and field related experiences.  The more internships or jobs that you are able to acquire throughout school the better your resume will look.

On the side, internships will also help you because they help you get your foot in the door at each place and if there is an opening at any of the employers you will have a much better chance of securing a job.

Other ways that you can build up your software developer resume is by taking the time to study and earn software certifications.  The PMP software certification is a necessity if you want to find meaningful employment once you leave school.  Outside of this certification, there are still many more that you can search out and obtain that will help build your chances of employment.

The work of a software developer has started to vary and cross over into other fields which means that you may need more certifications and knowledge that applies to other concentrations as well in order to look valuable.  Microsoft certifications and CAD certifications are just a few of the additional exams that you may want to consider taking.

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