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software developer jobs in california

Due to the presence of some of the largest technology companies in California and of course the notable Silicon Valley, many people believe that there is an overflow of software developer jobs in California.

While there are a lot of developer jobs within the state, there is also a large amount of qualified competition for those jobs which is why you will need to make sure that your qualifications are up to date and excellent if you choose to head to the sunshine state to start a new career as a software developer.

One of the first things that you will need if you hope to secure any of the software developer jobs in California with openings is a solid background.  This is best achieved by heading towards a four year degree.  While two year degrees are acceptable, if you want to be competitive it is best to spend the extra two years in school because you will become much more attractive in the eyes of a potential employer.

At the same time that you are finishing up your education make sure to stack up as much internship as possible or related work experience since each relevant position will help pad your resume and increase your hire chances.

Next you will need to work on getting all of your certifications in line before you apply for any software developer jobs in California.  This may require you to spend some time studying for various exams, but the payoff is a better job than simple entry level which means much faster advancement up the corporate chain.

The PMP exam certification is almost a requirement, but other exams such as CAD, Microsoft, and other easily recognizable exams will increase your chances of hire and advancement even if they are not directly related to your job title.

software developer in california

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