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Many people think that with the growing demand for IT jobs taking extra steps to get additional certifications outside of the classroom such as the software developer certification exam is unneeded.

However, this belief is far from the truth given the fact that once you achieve a certification such as the PMP or CAD certification it is something that you carry with you throughout the rest of your technical career giving you the edge over your competitors which may mean the difference between finding success in your career and staying stationary.


Given the fact that the economy is currently recovering from the recession, this is the best time to take advantage of the software developer certification exam because as it re-grows jump growth and opportunities will also start to spring up by the thousands that you will want to be prepared to leap into.
In order to secure these new opportunities you will need a resume that is packed with as many certifications as possible to ensure that you stand out from the crowd that will also be applying for the same opportunities in an effort to progress in their careers.

In fact, if you feel as if you are not moving anywhere in your current career as a software developer, it may simply be due to the fact that you lack the proper credentials that come from successfully passing the software developer certification exam and other similar exams.

These small marks on your resume carry a large amount of weight both with hiring committees and those in charge of promoting employees within a company since they display dedication and a well rounded proven sense of knowledge within your chosen career field. Thus, the value of such an exam like the PMP cannot be understated.

Software developer certification exam

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