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Although most people have likely heard the term software developer tossed around, most people do not actually understand what the job really entails.  Thus, if you are looking at different jobs in the computer or technical industries it may be useful to first gleam some insight on software developer work so that you can make an educated decision.

With so many technical choices such as technical support, network support, network engineer, and of course software developer it is important that you comprehend what all is entailed before choosing a concentration.

software developer work

One of the main focuses of software developer work that stands out is the ability to comprehend and successfully master a great deal of math and computer science courses and concentrations.  This is due to the fact that a software developer is responsible for creating the set of instructions that a computer follows when it executes a program.

Given the fact that the developer must craft these instructions out to the minute detail, they need to be familiar with computer code for dozens of different applications and programs that may be utilized at their company or workplace.

Most software developers find work in house at companies that are not part of the software industry, but need to develop customized programs for client or employer that is tailored to meet their needs.  Because you cannot train specifically for work at one type of job, a software developer must complete a very well rounded educational course that includes many different coding and computer science experiences.

In addition, some software developers may work on programs on a consulting or independent basis that once complete are sold on the commercial market for broad consumption which also require a great deal of knowledge to complete.

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