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Сertified software developer

With the amount of people making money online, software engineering has become a top job in today’s business market, however, even though it is in big demand, becoming a certified software developer is often a bit more complicated than it may seem.

In fact, while a large rash of people have made headlines as college drop outs turned billionaires, the best way to actually get a foot into the industry is the old fashioned manner- get a college degree in software engineering and then step into the market place. Entry level positions simply are not available for most people that lack a four year degree.

If you are young when you now that you want to work towards becoming a certified software developer, your best bet is to get as many maths courses in as possible while in high school, because once in college seeking a degree you will need to complete both an Engineering program and Computer Science program, both of which include an overwhelming amount of maths classes.

Despite this fact, you still need to choose between computer science and a business degree such as management information systems, given the fact that these degrees will denote what job market you are applicable for later in life. For instance, if your focus is on game programming you may want to choose computer science, while jobs at a non-technical corporation will require that you hold the MIS degree. While you can branch across these fields while becoming a certified software developer, you hold a much higher chance of getting the career you want if you specialize.

Finally, while in school get into as many intern positions as you can, because you will have a much higher chance of getting hired from the inside this way, versus simply dropping into the market after graduation.

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