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Table of Contents
  • CRM for banking industry
  • Bpm’online
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • Sugar CRM
  • Netsuite

It is impossible to imagine a competitive and successful financial organization, which would not apply to a suitable banking CRM system providing a set of convenient tools.

TOP-5 Banking CRM

The banking industry is a far cry from other spheres of business. Its key business model is not based on transactions, it is closer to stewardship. The basic process taking place in the industry of finance is the direct exchange of payments for different goods or services. When it comes to providing loans, insurance, and investing, financial advisors and consultants are entrusted to take care of the clients’ financial savings. Therefore, it’s very important to build good relationship between the companies working in this sphere and their clients, proving the latter that they’ll have high personal gain and minimum of inconvenience. In order to meet this challenge, modern organizations apply to CRM solutions for banks, which let them close the gap between their employees and customers, increase the level of customer satisfaction, and thus boost up ROI. Let us have a look at five best bank CRM systems and their distinctive features.

#1 Bpm’online

bpm'online Banking CRM

It is an advanced, process-driven, cloud-oriented banking CRM solution with multiple tools connecting the dots between marketing, sales and client service. It helps enterprises efficiently manage all the steps of customer journey – from the moment when they obtain a lead to further account control. Bpm’online CRM for banks has a number of business process management instruments that are successfully combined with customer data, which is compiled and stored in the single database. As a result, companies get the perfect opportunity to coordinate their employees’ activities in the spheres of sales, marketing, and service support. The system is suitable for both mid-size and large organizations with scalable functions. Having implemented this CRM banking software, financial institutions gain the upper hand to design and automate their processes in order to elevate customer service to higher standards and meet or even surpass the clients’ expectations in the best way possible. The key advantages of this CRM in banking and financial services are as follows:

  • It helps you build a 360-degree view of each customer;
  • It lets you communicate with the stuff and clients directly from the software;
  • This banks CRM offers a variety of tools for quick process modeling;
  • It helps enterprises create efficient multichannel campaigns for different purposes;
  • The system can be integrated with your Google account, Microsoft Exchange, etc.

#2 Salesforce

SalesForce Banking CRM

It is a popular cloud-based banking CRM software, which can be easily synchronized with third-party platforms. The system lets companies strengthen relationships with corporate customers and capital investment organizations. Salesforce banking tools help financial enterprises create personalized marketing flows that are aimed at nurturing home-buying prospects and keeping their engagement throughout the complete process of interaction. With this platform, you will be able to create and customize a network in order to interact with your clients, brokers, employees, and so on. The advantages of this corporate banking CRM are the following:

  • It helps companies consolidate their client information into the single place;
  • Having implemented Salesforce, you’ll be able to manage your data across teams and departments;
  • It is always accessible on computers and mobile devices.

Nevertheless, if you are going to choose this CRM for banking, you should get assured that you will be able to conduct relevant expertise and successfully implement the platform.

#3 Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Banking CRM

This bank CRM software can be deployed as on premise and on-cloud versions. It stands to reason that the platform is easily integrated with the rest of Microsoft products. The banking tools of Microsoft Dynamics serve as the solution to most common business challenges. They improve sales force automation, bring customer service to greater heights, and help enterprises choose the most profitable marketing modules, which would empower the stuff to focus on what’s really important. Look at the key benefits of this CRM software for banks:

  • The platform lets financial advisors evaluate the customers’ household assets and liabilities;
  • With Microsoft Dynamics, companies easily identify and track relationships between their clients and households;
  • The platform can be customized in accordance with the user’s needs.

#4 Sugar CRM

Sugar Banking CRM

It is a user-friendly CRM in banking industry, which helps investment companies communicate with their prospects and existing clients, share all the necessary data with the stuff, and keep their customers happy. Applying to Sugar CRM banking software, today’s enterprises get the opportunity to manage their sales, marketing, and client service processes as efficiently as possible. It is easily customized and adapted to meet the requirements of small and mid-sized companies, though many large enterprises implement this CRM for banks, too. Let us consider the key benefits of Sugar CRM:

  • It feeds financial advisors with the right information at the right moment;
  • The system seamlessly guides every client through every phase of the pre-planned journey;
  • This banking CRM improves business efficiency and boosts up the level of customer satisfaction;
  • It can be deployed both on cloud and on-site.

#5 Netsuite

Netsuite Banking CRM

This CRM in banking sector lets enterprises track the visitor information on their websites and then easily transfers all the necessary data into the software. The system offers multiple instruments for marketing management, prospect nurturing, lead tracking, and so on. With Netsuite banking tools you will be able to send personal or mass emails and monitor the results of every campaign. The database and functionality of this CRM in bank are sat on the company’s own IT architecture. As for the advantages of Netsuite for the finance industry, they are as follows:

  • It lets companies instantly create financial statements and analyze their effectiveness;
  • This CRM in banking helps enterprises monitor and estimate their key business performance indicators;
  • The system supports 190 currencies and 20 languages, and can be used in more than 100 countries.

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