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Robust customer relationship has the most serious impact on your company’s earning power as satisfied clients who are ready to spend a greater share of their money on your products and services; they gladly interact with your brand and actively participate in all your marketing campaigns. But the headline is that they keep the referrals coming, which is extremely beneficial in the today’s highly competitive environment.

customer database software bpmonline

However, the loyalty building is a true challenge posed by dynamic market trends, evolving mobile technologies, and ever-rising demands of empowered consumers. In such pressing conditions, the investing into the finest customer database software is a very rational decision.

Enterprises looking to deploy on-premise or cloud customer database software should critically evaluate the core features provided by the vendor. The aim of such a solution is to help businesses anticipate the needs and expectations of existing and prospective clients and capitalize on the demands of different buying groups. So that customers database must offer a comprehensive range of tools to support any aspect of customer relationship management.

Must-haves of a good customer database software

Any reputation-conscious and client-oriented company encounters the necessity of keeping sensitive customer information safe, secured, and well-managed. The top-notch customer database software like bpm’online allows for creating advanced customer accounts with custom fields such as contact information, socio-demographic details, interests, social media profiles and so on.

The sophisticated customer profile database is able to keep the entire history of client-company interactions including transactions, services used, cases submitted and resolved, phone calls, emails, SMS, and online communication. All this Big Data is automatically captured, sorted, and stored in one place.

The intelligent customer database provides an opportunity to segment customers according to multiple criteria: location, profitability, shopping preferences, lifestyle, and other specific metrics you choose. Smart customer segmentation enables the users to develop more personalized marketing campaigns and deliver them to the target audience via the communication channels the selected clients like or use most of all.

Another essential feature of good customer database management is a smooth integration to retrieve required data on-the-fly. For example, bpm’online makes it possible to link the client database to the third-party applications and business processes to access client-related information from any system in a few mouse clicks.

Modern customer database software must boast extensive analytic capabilities to promote data-driven decision-making for sales and marketing and improve customer service standards. For instance, using bpm’online the teams can identify high-value customers, track their buying behavior, evaluate the effectiveness of loyalty programs, define the most/least prioritizing products (services), etc. Leveraging this information, business leaders can develop effective customer attraction and retention strategies, manage sales and forecast revenues more accurately.

customer database software bitrix

Building a customer database, the stakeholders typically need an ability to:

  • manage upcoming events or notes for particular clients or groups,
  • set notifications for client-related tasks (calling, meeting, emailing),
  • generate customer reports and dashboards,
  • create and print any documents (e.g. contracts, agreements, orders, invoices),
  • perform lead generation,
  • get insights into the sales pipeline,
  • keep track of customers’ feedback in social media;
  • reach out to the contacts via any communication channel within the customer database.

Excellent online customer database software must encompass all these features to provide enterprises with a penetrative understanding of their clients and help the frontline personnel improve cross-and-up-selling with better-informed decisions and forecasts.

Picking full-featured customer database software

Serving a full scope of business needs is where many customer database systems fail. To prevent organizations from investing into shelfware we prepared our top 5 best online customer database solutions that really work:

  1. Bpm’online is at the head of our top. The program provides full-scale functionality for sales, marketing and customer service: customer lifecycle management, business processes management, multichannel collaboration and automatic data enrichment from the open sources.
  2. Salesforce is fairly good customer database software possessing powerful CRM features. But its big disadvantage is the price: $250 per user/month – not very affordable for small businesses.
  3. Zoho is a modern customer database version with sophisticated CRM tools. But some users report the program lags when importing/exporting data and splits up the records forcing the users for manual data re-entry.
  4. Bitrix24 offers affordable pricing for their comprehensive customer database services. But their functions need constant update, otherwise, the solutions get stuck. Some users claim Bitrix24 customer database is hard to be modified with custom fields.
  5. Oracle is a reputable database platform meeting the main business needs. Nevertheless, the upgrade may take much time to get comfortable with new changes and their online support for database issues may sometimes let its users down.

Summing everything up, the database software enables businesses to completely manage customer information, keep the history of past purchases and interactions, segment customers, enhance their profiles for acquiring a 360-degree view of all your clients and partners and utilize this information to ensure a customer service excellence and a steady sales increase. The only thing companies need to do is finding a trustworthy customer database vendor.

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