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Today’s customer relationship management software systems are modern tools for modern businesses. Thus far, they’ve helped us manage our customer interactions, empower lead acquisition and conversion techniques, analyse sales performance, and predict potential financial downfalls.

Nowadays, CRMs serve as great collaboration platforms as well.

Here’s how they facilitate, optimize, and encourage teamwork.CRM for Teamwork

Real-Time Communication

Cloud CRM equips dedicated employees with a most powerful tool – 24/7 accessibility across different devices. While real-time communication with customers comes with its own set of benefits, the ability to stay in touch with everyone within your organization from the comfort of your chair is invaluable.

Document and Idea Flow

Whether it comes to professional, but customizable document templates, or to automated document approval protocols, new-fangled CRM features can help you stay on top of every order, access files from wherever you are, and share documents and ideas with your colleagues in a matter of seconds.

Calendar and Event Planner

However insignificant they might seem, group calendars and event planners are true game-changers when it comes to managing team workflow, scheduling appointments with potential customers, and organizing interdepartmental meetings. All the best CRMs offer them as part of collaboration suite.

Group Task Management

Who’s doing what at the moment, what’s the entire sales team up to now, and who’s responsible for that newest task on the to-do list? With only a few clicks, a reliable customer relationship management software should help you answer all logistical questions concerning the workflow and the processes.

Employee Performance Tracking

Though not exactly a collaboration feature, CRM employee performance tracking works in favour of organization-wide productivity. With customer relationship management tools like bpm’online (you can read more about its features here), supervisors can analyse meetings, calls, and emails with ease.

Enterprise Social Network

ESN is another collaborative perk that bpm’online users get to enjoy, though it’s actually much more than “Facebook for work” or “Twitter in the office”. An enterprise social network serves as an internal version of social media, but allows real-time consultation and exchange of knowledge and ideas too.

Typically crafted for managing sales, marketing, and service processes, modern-day customer relationship management software systems boast a couple of additional tools in their all-inclusive kits. Collaboration features are certainly among them, so make sure to discuss them with your provider.

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