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As your organization grows, customer relationship management becomes more difficult to handle. Transactions, profiles, orders, notifications – these and many other aspects can be managed with the help of quality CRM products. The market is full of various offers, but how to make the right choice? Read the reviews of Top-5 CRM solutions, and select the one that meets your demands.


90504-bpmonline-CRM software

Being one of the most advanced companies in the field of business process management software, bpm’online offers reliable and convenient solutions for organizations of different sizes. Customer relationship management software is aimed at aligning marketing, sales and customer service on a single integrated platform. The system allows for tracking the entire story of customers’ actions starting from lead and finishing by order. Knowing customer’s demographics, preferences and demands, the entrepreneur will be able to provide an outstanding level of service and support. The software provides tools for:

  • control and organization of marketing campaigns;
  • sales automation and management of the entire sales cycle;
  • customer communication instruments for providing a consistent level of service.

With CRM programs of bpm’online, users don’t have to be tech-savvy or possess any programming knowledge: the navigation is simple, and all processes in progress are displayed in the application. Now you can keep tabs on data changes and make updates as quickly as never before.


pipedrive-CRM software

Pipedrive team markets their product as online CRM software for minor organizations with huge ambitions. The platform was created in order to provide its users with the customer’s sales pipeline with information about conversations and activities. With Pipedrive CRM software, the user will be proactive knowing what to do next and when. It features an advanced system of balances, checks and reminders to leave no deals untracked.

The program interface is intuitive, and salespeople may use it on-the-go. This solution is great for making agreements and plans, and can be integrated with other software including Google Apps, Zapier and MailChimp. Setup takes a couple of minutes, and the software is compatible with the most common platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac). Pricing policy is pretty fair: you pay for the exact number of users you have ($12/month per user).


CRM software

Bitrix24 provides the best CRM software with more than 20 free tools available. It can be deployed on-cloud together with source code, API and CMS included, or installed on user’s server. The programs have the following functions and features:

  • A contact base displays the history of contacts and interaction. All events, such as meetings, calls, messages or emails are logged. Contacts can be imported/exported, analyzed and segmented to choose the target audience appropriately. Task integration or workflow allows for planning further interaction.
  • Permission settings can be customized to create different roles for administrators and employees and define how much data is hidden or visible for different CRM users.
  • Leads can be created manually, or imported from CSV files and external sources. Tables and fields are customizable.
  • In Bitrix24 CRM, users can control the entire sales cycle and make custom sales stages for their organization. Conversion rates can be tracked, and the account of all transactions in progress is displayed for making precise sales projections.

The software can be deployed as a SaaS, cloud or web solution, and is compatible with mobile platforms (installation is required).

Prosper Works CRM

Prosper Works CRM

Need a user-friendly CRM software solution? After having acquired Google’s recommendation, ProsperWorks software has become highly demanded among small and middle-size organizations. It helps in closing deals quickly without spending time on creation of records: you can easily define, track and optimize sales contacts. The software features visual tools for an easy management of sales pipeline, and its users don’t need any technical training to understand what is what in the interface.

Out-of-the-box reporting and real-time analytics make every aspect of your business visible. The reports provided by this software will provide you with the insights to correct sales process and define mission-critical issues to make team performance brilliant and optimize sales together with marketing. Another great feature of Prosper Works CRM is the ability to track meetings, calls, emails or calendar events by user or team. Filters will provide you with a detailed view of everything your team is doing, so you can monitor task accomplishment and distribute assignments correctly. Better overall control means higher performance.

Zoho CRM


One of the most popular CRM solutions, Zoho combines the best and the most valuable features of customer relationship programs. What users value in it?

  1. The opportunity to contact clients with any means of communication: phone, email, messages, live chat, social media, or in person. Contacts of customers are displayed in their profiles.
  2. Detailed reports and analytics give information about team’s performance and client interaction processes.
  3. The software makes suggestions for sales improvement. You can generate more sales with process automation, workflows and great reporting features. A well-established sales process contributes to higher conversion.
  4. Zoho CRM works the way you need. Specify settings for data collection and storage, and deploy important information across your organization.

Zoho provides a perfect enterprise-ready package for organizations of any size.

Deploy one of these solutions into your business, and you will benefit from better customer experience, growing sales and higher revenue. CRM software is a must for successful companies and organizations.

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