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Despite of business you have and industry you operate in, there are common challenges almost every company is facing with: necessity of cost and spending reduction, overall productivity increase, profit growth, etc. Many companies consider that the best way to overcome these obstacles is to deliver an outstanding customer experience by means of using CRM solution. There are a vast number of all-in-one CRM applications usually called horizontal, which are not tailored or predefined according to specific industry requirements, but allow implementing customer-centric strategy and approach thus encouraging further company development and growth. However, some industries are disrupted by changes in legislation, policies, and government relations and require exceptional approach towards business management, and it becomes clear that one-size-fits-all approach to CRM does not work.


From this perspective, CRM solutions for industries deliver enhanced, out-of-the-box fit for the company, matching specific industry requirements, so there is no need to spend much time on its customization and adjustments. Instead of searching for the best CRM, you should try to find the right solution for your business.

We have shortlisted the best vertical CRM solutions for industries, which are ultimately focused on delivering customer-centric approach.


CRM in banking and financial sector industry

Being one of the most competitive industries, financial service businesses require a superior customer experience empowered by the right technology that should be the most important differentiator, especially when other industry players take a pattern of your products, offers, and services.

Microsoft Dynamics


Microsoft Dynamics offers a robust CRM solution designed specifically for financial services industry. The application enables users to develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with customers, helps to improve operational efficiency, decrease administrative costs by bringing comprehensive technology for customer-centric approach.



Bpm’online has designed CRM solutions for corporate and retail banks and financial institutions, which enables users to manage end-to-end customer journey and change the focus of internal business processes from product-centric to customer-centric. The solutions are supplied with a bunch of features for customer management providing valuable insights for decision making and profitable relationships building.

Sage CRM


Sage CRM system provides various benefits across the full spectrum of the customer ecosystem enabling to easily track performance against targets with access to a wealth of information for effective forecasting. Helping businesses to streamline customer servicing and customer acquisition processes, it allows eliminating manual tasks and reduce time spent on business processes management.




Oracle Banking Platform is a prebuilt solution that helps large banks to strategically transform their business. By applying Oracle solutions financial services firms can improve their focus on the customers and drive growth with broad advisory capabilities including deal planning, next best offer suggesting, product renewals, financial planning, and insightful dashboards.



CRM in real estate industry

According recent research made by Inman, more than 70% of real estate companies’ representatives said they use CRM for their business to stay competitive. Here are some of worth-mentioning solution.

Top Producer


Top Producer industry CRM solutions for real estate agencies and brokerage are among the most significant tools on the market, which help users turn the leads into clients. The solutions allow getting immediate notifications about the leads via text message or email, so that you don’t miss the opportunity.

Market Leader

Market Leader

To stay competitive in the market you certainly want to have accurate and valuable information for making quick decisions and that is Market Leader can help you with. Being a pioneer in lead generation and contact management systems, this solution offers business owners and agents dedicated tools to gain a complete client view.



Contractually is a great tool for relationship management in real estate industry, it allows getting qualified leads and following-up on every lead to closure. This CRM allows leads to be generated from multiple customer interaction points and enables high lead conversion rate by prioritizing leads based on intelligence.



eEdge is a robust CRM software designed for real estate companies to effectively manage their businesses from lead generation, to showings planning, and to transactions, planning comprehensive promotional campaigns and analyze sales efforts.

TOP CRM system in Travel industry

CRM in travel and tourism industry

Tourism industry is one of the most customer-centric and competitive, with customer expectations on the rise, there is no way for agencies to attract, retain and effectively interact with customers without using a proper customer relationship management system.

Base CRM


Base CRM has industry-tailored CRM solution designed for the express purpose of for travel agencies to attract new leads, effectively interact with customers suggesting the best offers featuring their interests, etc.

Itravel software


iTravel is a complex cloud CRM software solution designed for effective management of the travel agencies enabling users to create pre-defined and ad-hoc products, monitor reservation process and prepare documentation, and even edit website content.

Opentravel CRM


Travel Sciences is a leader in creating intelligent business solutions for travel businesses. With over seven years of experience, our capabilities range from developing advanced travel and booking reservation systems to travel web site design:

ISO Travel


ISO Travel provides specialized solutions for business process optimization fitting needs of all types of travel companies and agencies.

CompanyHub CRM



CompanyHub is an absolute sales productivity booster and can get you new business every month. With smart follow-up feature, you get automated reminders to stay in touch with your prospects and get an opportunity to close multiple deals at a time. With new business you can also ensure that your sales team spends more time on core selling by automating almost everything for your sales process.

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