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Advertising agencies have quite a unique business model. They need to be on the top of the latest trends, while at the same time, they have to maintain meaningful relationships with their clients. When the work starts to pile up, it becomes easy to oversee some crucial pieces of information and lose the client’s trust.

In order to avoid this, but also to improve their internal processes, more and more advertising agencies implemented CRM software solutions. If you are interested in learning which features to look for in CRM software for advertising agencies, you are at the right place. Let’s dive straight into it.

Comprehensive Client Database

Top notch CRM software for advertising agencies has to include a powerful contact management feature. Thanks to this functionality, agencies will be able to keep close tabs on their clients, track past interaction histories and get insights into past project requirements and goals.

Collaboration and Communication Tools

In order to manage marketing campaigns efficiently, advertising agencies have to plan and monitor their strategies in real time. This cannot be achieved without a CRM platform that doesn’t come with built-in collaboration and communication tools.



A marketing campaign, as well as client management, consists of a dozen of repetitive and time consuming tasks. An intelligent CRM platform can help agencies automate these tasks, or any other business process for that matter. Feel free to check automation in action by visiting the following link: https://www.bpmonline.com/advertising.


Without analytics, advertising agencies can’t pinpoint areas where an improvement is more than welcome. This is why CRM for advertising agencies has to come with a powerful analytics engine capable of delivering results in real time and via easy to understand data visuals. This will help advertisers forecast trends, measure KPIs, and analyze performance.

Project Management

Interactions with clients make for quite a unique project. But, as any other project, these interactions have to be managed. The best CRM solutions on the market come with project management tools to enable these organizations to streamline their project activities, both the ones involving specific marketing campaigns and client interactions.

Sales Management

The top priority of advertising agencies is the quality of their services. In order to achieve success in this department, advertisers need access to process management tools. Fortunately, there are CRM solutions that have support for sales management efforts.

While these are the 6 very important features CRM software has to have for advertising agencies, you might not need them all. This is why you should establish your business goals before you go on a hunt for a concrete solution.

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