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Table of Contents
  • №1: 24/7 access
  • №2: Easy-breezy installation
  • №3: CRM online is easy to integrate
  • №4: Any company can afford it
  • №5: CRM online contributes to perfect security

Most advanced businessmen are aware of such term as CRM. This system has quickly gained its popularity thanks to numerous benefits it renders for small, medium and large-scale companies. No matter what you specialize in, and how many people work in your enterprise – CRM software allows analyzing business operations and getting more precise information about who your customer is, and how your employees can contribute to better sales and business development. Besides, CRM online helps to improve customer service, and provide better experience for your clients’ satisfaction. This software is a great opportunity to retain customers and add to their number, which will considerably increase your profits. So, why it should be used in any business sphere, and what advantages it has.
Online CRM

№1: 24/7 access

First, CRM creation was conditioned by the need to access software from several devices in any place, at any time. And when it comes to CRM online, there is no better technology providing such a simple and trouble-free access for employees. Now they are not bound to laptops or personal computers anymore! The statistics show that modern customers use either their smartphones (48% of users), or tablets (about 45%) to work with CRM. There are many other advantages:

  • Mobile CRM aids in shortening sales cycle.
  • Company representatives don’t have to collect information about each interaction and communication with a client since the system provides it whenever they need. That helps them to focus on the most important customers.
  • People can access CRM online or offline – both modes provide enough information. Data is updated as soon as online connection is established.

№2: Easy-breezy installation

Vast majority of B2B companies complain that they can’t use CRM at its maximum potential, because programs are either too sophisticated, or take too much time to be adopted. Of course, cloud CRM is way easier to implement and adopt. A lot of enterprises including bpm’online provide CRM programs that are simple to install and can be used by any person. Your employees only need the Internet connection to log in and begin to work with the CRM system actively, without any troubles. The system can be exploited right from the start and all complicated processed such as installation and data transfer will be performed remotely. And even when upgrade versions are released, users also won’t find them difficult to implement.

№3: CRM online is easy to integrate

online crm integration

Since every business is unique, CRM should meet its specific requirements, and be easily customizable. Integration features are crucial for anybody who wants to have full control over CRM, and open source systems provide totally free platform configuration. The best programs allow inexperienced users who don’t have programming skills to adjust all features of the application. Bpm’online elaborates automation with extensive API that helps customize the system. Besides, an efficient CRM is compatible with any other application. CRM that can’t integrate with email system seems to be practically useless, doesn’t it? Complete and trouble-free integration is what really ensures CRM effectiveness.

№4: Any company can afford it

Do you still think that only large corporations can afford investing into such technology? CRM online debugs this myth! Such type of software targets business of any scale, and its costs are quite reasonable. The situation is the following: big enterprises prefer buying software once, spending large sums of money on it, while smaller companies purchase minor installments for CRM online service on a constant basis. Thus, pricing model for cloud automation systems is optimal for majority of organizations.

№5: CRM online contributes to perfect security

crm online security

Until recently, there was a false belief that CRM cannot provide the same security level as the systems installed on PC. Statistics claims that in 51% cases companies are afraid of adopting CRM online because of this reason. But today this aspect is not a problem anymore. Most advanced solutions feature everything to prevent corporative and personal information loss, damage and hacking. Developers treat security very seriously – all in all, it is their responsibility to protect the information rendered by end users. Any advanced CDN provides storage in a remote datacenter. That prevents unauthorized access.

Undoubtedly, the advantages of CRM online make it one of the most reasonable automation solutions for the majority of companies. But enterprises should pay attention to what features it renders, and how easy it is to use. If CRM is selected correctly, it will greatly improve and simplify business operations. Cloud based technology appears to make sense, providing trouble-free access and going for moderate prices.

      CRM online
      Online CRM

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