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CRM software is one of the most important tools for every entrepreneur who tries to increase the efficiency of his own business due to information technology. Along with the growing popularity of CRM systems, the choice of different offers on the market increases.

5 Best CRM Systems You Can’t Miss Having a Business in Singapore

Especially in Singapore, where business sector evolves constantly, there is a great need in proficient CRM system. To facilitate this choice, we did our best to compile a rating of the best CRM-systems you can use in Singapore now. If it is important for the company that customers become permanent and come back again and again, and the sales department is engaged in sales, rather than routine work, then the CRM tool is simply necessary. And since these are natural desires for any enterprise, as soon as the organization begins to expand and increase the scale of its work, it is necessary to implement the CRM system for:

  • Maintenance of the client base;
  • Creating a history of relationships with customers;
  • Fast registration of necessary documents;
  • Organization, planning of work with clients;
  • Distribution of promotional materials with profitable offers for buyers;
  • Creation of reports on the work done.

Any business, and not just business, assumes the existence of “customers”, for effective work with which you need CRM-systems. Here is a list of spheres where CRM is highly needed:

  • IT and Telecom
  • Auto business
  • Banks
  • Government bodies
  • Publishing and Printing Services
  • Medical services
  • Educational services
  • Professional Services
  • Production
  • Entertaining and health services
  • Advertising
  • Insurance services
  • Construction and real estate
  • Wholesale trade
  • Tourism
  • Financial services, etc.

The top 5 includes companies offering various options for your business, from light cloud technologies, to boxed versions of CRM systems. All CRM tools presented in the list differ in functionality. The ranking order is determined by a wide range of quantitative and qualitative statistics and user reviews. We advise you to consider the materials contained in this article carefully, as well as information on official websites, in order to have the most complete idea of which of the systems best suits your business.

TOP 5. Deskera CRM

Deskera CRM is an Internet-based (SaaS) customer relationship management solution made by Singapore-based software company, Deskera. It helps effectively use current clients and easily assess the potential of their future audience. Deskera, like all the solutions presented in the list, will provide you with the opportunity to optimize your sales in the best way and to establish communication with the customer to a qualitatively new level.

Deskera CRM

Deskera CRM offers a complete set of modules for planning marketing companies, attracting potential customers, as well as tracking products and forecasting sales. Each of Deskera CRM modules has a wide range of functions for a wide variety of tasks, so this platform can be of interest to a wide range of Singaporean entrepreneurs. It helps to automate some crucial sales processes, such as leading qualifications, advertising campaigns, tracking contacts, and reorient your sales team on reaching and sustaining profitable sales and efficient customer management rather than stuck on time-consuming managerial tasks.


  • A single data bank for all relevant client information and prospects;
  • Better opportunity to analyze clients’ requests, needs and behaviors, and thus, adjust sales and promotions accordingly.
  • Wide variety of modules and configurations for businesses of all kinds and sizes Each module can be scaled to meet the needs of SMBs to enterprise-level organizations in any vertical.


  • Outdated design;
  • Difficulties in the initial configuration (you will need Deskera specialist to set up everything properly);
  • No localization in other languages except English;
  • Although the functionality of the system is impressive, it still loses a little CRM tools from world leading companies.


SAP CRM is a modular software product, designed not only to solve short-term tasks (cost reduction, optimization of managerial decision-making processes), but also to build a strategy for the company’s activities and enhance its competitiveness in the long term.

SAP CRM is one of a few solutions on the market that allows performing complex tasks such as uniting employees, management, clients and partners of the company into a complete closed cycle of processes and technologies, on the basis of which effective management of customer relationships is carried out.


The implementation of SAP CRM allows the company to coordinate the actions of all structural units and employees whose duties include customer interaction, including:

  • sales;
  • marketing;
  • service maintenance;
  • management of sales channels;
  • analytic;
  • e-commerce, etc.

Unlike CRM, ERP systems are focused on automation of all business processes occurring within the company.

SAP CRM allows you to create a single information space that contains a complete, reliable and up-to-date database of each customer, regardless of what company you have.


Using an automated customer relationship management system allows:

  • To improve the quality of customer service and, as a consequence, their loyalty to the company;
  • Reduce costs by optimizing business processes and increasing the productivity of employees employed in units that interact with customers;
  • To improve schemes of promotion and sale of goods on the market;
  • Improve the effectiveness of marketing activities;
  • Increase profits.


  • Lacks accessibility and user-friendly interface;
  • Outdated design;
  • System is not integrated with other SAP’s product too well which at time causes minor issues.
  • The client relationship management tool can be too complex and overloaded for small businesses.

TOP 3. NetSuit CRM

NetSuite CRM is a CRM-system, which since 2016 belongs to Oracle (after the acquisition in 2010 of NetSuite), which is provided exclusively through subscription via the Internet (SaaS model).

The solution helps medium-sized businesses both in the execution process and in business process planning. Users can manage accounts and inventory, as well as many other key operations, including CRM, customer self-service, order processing and e-commerce. NetSuite also provides the functionality of a toolbar for visualizing key business information that is needed to make reformed decisions about sales, costs, and requirements.

NetSuit CRM

Standard functional modules of the system:

  • Sales;
  • Management;
  • Marketing management;
  • Customer service;
  • Support.

In addition to standard units, customers can purchase portal extensions:

  • the ability to host a customer’s website with an integrated content management system, the website framework is created from NetSuite CRM, all materials and forms placed on such a site are automatically linked by other modules of the system;
  • Customer self-service portal, through which customers of the contracting authority can make orders, receive information for them, ask questions;
  • corporate portal – every employee of the contracting authority can send him e-mails from NetSuite CRM, register and schedule calls, cases, events, all of which are automatically displayed in the personal calendars of employees;
  • Partner portal – partners, dealers, agents of the contracting authority get access to the file storage, can register potential customers and plan joint work, can execute orders both for themselves and for their clients.

Among other functional extensions:

  • Processing of customer claims;
  • Management of commissions;
  • Project tracking;
  • Website designer;
  • Website analytics.

The system provides the possibility of plug-in, there are tools that allow creating new functions, procedures and program modules inside NetSuite CRM. Communication with other applications is possible with the help of web services or smbXML.


  • Rich functionality. There is basically every tool and feature that business would need;
  • Great financial reporting;
  • Lots of opportunities for training, such as technical documentation, webinars, online or personal consultations;


  • Time-consuming to get used to platform and its advanced features and roles;
  • Can be costly for small enterprises;
  • Lack of integration with third-party software providers;
  • Lack of marketing tools.

TOP 2. Infor CRM

Infor CRM is developed by merchants for traders and allows to raise the level of their work due to the introduction of common methods of managing client relations, information and time. Scope Infor CRM is located between the Contact Management software and extremely complex and expensive applications for large enterprises.

Infor CRM

CRM system Infor CRM is used in more than 10 000 organizations around the world and is leading in a variety of regional financial markets because:

  • Provides a rapid return on investment (ROI);
  • User-friendly, as it does not require qualified IT resources;
  • Has a modular scalable build (“grows” with the organization);
  • Easily and quickly configured (in the basic configuration – immediately after purchase, for specific customer requirements – within 10-20 weeks);
  • Surpasses most of similar products by the criterion of price / quality.

Infor CRM modules:

  • Sales;
  • Marketing;
  • Service support;
  • E-commerce.

Infor CRM is a client-oriented solution designed to improve the management of relations with existing and potential customers in sales, marketing and service support units. Each company is characterized by its own, only its inherent business processes, structure and ways of doing business. Combining data from all departments and information systems of the organization, Infor CRM provides access to critical information to all employees of the company, forming a single information field and providing a unified view of each customer. Thus, CRM system Infor CRM grows and develops with the company, easily adapting to the ever-changing business requirements.


  • Flexibility, as Infor CRM is an open-source solution;
  • Deep integration with any enterprise software;
  • Vast variety of user roles according to each business structure and hierarchy.
  • Each CRM module can be used autonomously.


  • Too complex for a certain business needs;
  • Can be slower in operating with a big number of users;
  • Picky to system’s characteristics.

TOP 1. bpm’online

Bpm`online is one of the leading CRM program on the software market nowadays. The main difference from other tools is that this structure offers, and the knowledge necessary for its work. First, the business process tool is easy to use, but powerful and reliable. It can be used to automate business tasks, implement rules, and also to develop integration with third-party tools.

bpm'online CRM

On the user side, the system is very friendly and intuitive, so you usually do not get lost in tons of options. Most of them are hidden and reserved for administrators.

There are few products offered on the market:

bpm’online sales – CRM-system for managing the full cycle of sales: from customer attraction to ordering and repeat sales;

Thanks to the ready-made business process in bpm’online sales, you can easily manage the sales funnel, promptly adjusting the tactics of the transaction, in accordance with changes in the market. The solution also contains all the metrics in order to keep a hand on the “pulse” of sales. The intuitive interface provides an opportunity to work comfortably with the system on any device.

bpm’online marketing – a powerful system for marketing management: campaigns, segments, channels, lead management;

Bpm’online marketing is a product for automating marketing with ready-made processes for identifying and nurturing the needs of each client. The functionality of email marketing in the system allows you to build a personalized dialogue with customers and analyze the response to mailings, in order to optimize the communication strategy. As a result, you give sales managers only ready to buy leads.

bpm’online customer service – reference processes for managing client requests on all communication channels;

bmp`online modules

  • Leads
  • Counterparties
  • Contacts
  • Sales
  • Orders


  • Intuitive design and excellent customization;
  • 10/10 adaptability for any business needs;
  • Marketing, sales and services are fully integrated and usually do not require the use of external or additional tools;
  • The learning terms for users, administrators and technicians is relatively short. With good recommendations during implementation, you can manage it very quickly;
  • Fantastic customer service;


  • No separate section for reports


We recommend you to try several CRM systems using their trial versions and get the main idea how they work. Each of them can be considered as the best CRM solution in Singapore but, in any case, we recommend you bpm’online while the system offers the most comprehensive listing of tools and features your business would ever need, as well as great customization and support service. If you already run business in Singapore or just got started with your idea, turn your attention to bpm`online as the best option in the top and make your business ambitious became closer and fully achievable.

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