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Table of Contents
  • BPM for realtors and real estate agencies
  • BPM Real Estate features
    • Business process management
    • BPM Lead Management
    • Calendar and Task Management
    • Document Management
    • Property and Transaction managements
    • Contract Management
    • Reporting and analytic
  • How agencies can benefit from BPM Real Estate
    • Greater efficiency and improved business
    • Enhanced visibility and driven agility
    • Reduced costs

Both individual realtors and real estate agencies want to drive more business from clients. There is a perfect technology that can streamline all aspects of the real estate business, from the new clients searching to the HR processes automation. The BPM real estate software is a must-have platform for those brokers who are looking to grow their business while reducing operational costs.

BPM Real Estate

A Business Process Management real estate IT-solution such as the bpmonline CRM suite, is an industry-specific application designed to help companies build cost-wise organizational processes, manage tasks, events, and contracts, track the status of deals and performance of brokers, arrange and monitor marketing campaigns, and create a single working environment – all this to run business smoothly and efficiently.

An advanced BMP real estate engine, like the bpm’online software available on https://www.bpmonline.com/real-estate goes beyond this standard functionality and offers much more capabilities to empower agents and offices to gain a competitive advantage in the fierce conditions of a commercial real estate market.

BPM Real Estate features

BPM Real Estate features

A fine BMP real estate technology encompasses a full array of agent management tools to automate end-to-end business processes and close deals more effectively:

Business process management is a real estate application, with the help of which stakeholders model, simulate, execute, monitor, and modify business processes and workflows that weave the corporate systems. Any procedure (be it a contract creation, a new property lease or purchase, or buyer to seller matching) is graphically presented as a set of activities. Such an approach ensures excellent employees’ performance and drives more transparency into the crucial activities.

BPM Lead Management features are committed to generating leads from a real estate’s website, phone calls, and email inquiries. With this helpful instrument, reps see which communication channels have the best ROI and which prospects are just a waste of money and time.

It is also possible to create new contacts within a BPM generalized client database, fill their personal and professional profiles, and keep a full history of correspondence, touchpoints and transactions. Embedded reminders, drip campaigns, and lead nurturing tools help realtors build long and productive relationships with both prospects and existing clients.

Calendar and Task Management as a part of a BMP real estate package manages deadlines and captures important dates, assigns tasks for a concrete contact, transaction, or property, and systematizes repetitive workflows. And the shared system calendars make it easy to track the work of each agent.

Document Management of a BPM platform is essential to create, store, edit, and share lease agreements, notices of eviction and other sorts of documentation that realtors work with every day. A BPM user can streamline the flow of documents so that they will automatically be generated once a deal moves to a certain stage. Ready-made templates of documents within a BMP real estate program facilitate a quick creation of any document.

Property and Transaction managements are included into a full-featured BMP real estate suite to create and update the impressive portfolio of a firm, administrate leases, match clients and properties, maintain the client database, track expiration, and closing dates, and calculate commissions on every transaction.

Property and Transaction managements in Real Estate BPM software

Contract Management capabilities ensure an entire contract lifecycle, strong compliance, IP licenses and procurement management, automatic alerts on contractual agreements modifications, complete audit trail, and automated tracking of any off-contract activities inside fully-controlled processes.

Reporting and analytic tools allow generating all kinds of reports broken down by periods, leads, contacts, agents, won contracts, properties, and proposals, etc. This feature provides a deep insight into the critical processes helping to understand the weakest phases of a sales pipeline, identify bottlenecks, and make accurate forecasts and decisions.

Reporting and analytic BPM real estate

Apart from this extended functionality of an intelligent bpm’online real estate solution, there are many other activities which the brokers are enabled to do from this single application:

  • Conduct successful individual and bulk email marketing;
  • Print catalogs and flyers;
  • Perform listing management;
  • Manage a company’s website and convert documents into an HTML format;
  • Manage projects and facilities;
  • Create a unified working space;
  • Track invoices statuses;
  • Make, receive, and record calls and send messages directly from a BPM program;
  • Integrate the BPM real estate software with any of the third-parties or web applications to leverage the information coming from different sources.

How agencies can benefit from BPM Real Estate

Greater efficiency and improved business powered by leveraged information. The BMP real estate program gathers information from various resources and social media and integrates the obtained data into the business processes. All this contributes to improving the efficiency of communication with the clients and growing the estate business largely through royal customers and their referrals.

Enhanced visibility and driven agility of the processes. BMP real estate technologies remove the complexity from the process design, execution, monitoring, and optimization with a powerful process engine. All steps of a process can be executed and orchestrated automatically. This enables real estate offices to modify their business processes in order to align them with ever-changing regulatory requirements and ever-raising consumers’ demands while delivering a spectacular customer experience throughout the customer journey.

Reduced costs are driven by BMP real estate maximizing cost efficiency strategy. Since the solution encompasses such a multifaceted functionality and provides real-time reporting and analysis, property managers collaborate more productively and conduct their projects within budget margins, with cost savings up to 50%.

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