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  • Dynamic Business Processes Evolve With Customer Needs
  • Have The Agility To Change Processes In The Crm Faster Than Ever
  • Adjust Processes Quickly And Easily With No Complex And Time-Consuming Configuration By It Specialists To Save Money And Get Higher Roi
  • Continually Test, Modify, And Improve Business Processes To Drive Better Business Results

How to streamline business processes, while improving efficiency in order to keep up with the pace of digital transformation

What does business process agility really mean for your businessKey findings:

  1. How to timely adapt customer-facing processes in response to a rapidly changing business environment.
  2. How to save money and get a higher ROI through quick and easy process adjustment.
  3. How to drive better business results by continually introducing and automating new processes.

Dynamic Business Processes Evolve With Customer Needs

Dynamic Business Processes Evolve With Customer NeedsThe modern business environment calls for new business agility. Digital transformation of today’s business requires organizations to be both bold and agile in order to keep up with the pace of the market shift. The capability to streamline business processes, while improving efficiency, brings new appeal to companies in the digital era. Recent studies predict that by 2017 about 70% of successful digital business models will rely on dynamic processes designed to evolve with customer needs.

CRM technology underpins nearly every customer facing process today. Sales, marketing, and service cycles can suffer when CRM software makes it difficult to customize and automate processes. Cumbersome manual CRM processes can lead users to neglect key steps, resulting in fewer sales and decreased customer loyalty. Innovation is also stifled without tools for process analysis and feedback loops for continual improvement. That’s why it pays to utilize CRM software that includes BPM (Business Process Management) as its core functionality.

Let’s take a closer look at the major benefits such solutions bring to the business and how this kind of agility dramatically improves business metrics.

Forrester estimated the global BPM market will grow from $4.4 billion in 2012 to $7.6 billion in 2016.

Have The Agility To Change Processes In The Crm Faster Than Ever

Have The Agility To Change Processes In The Crm Faster Than EverA business process is a set of steps that you and your team are repeatedly going through to develop a product or deliver a service. When processes work well, they can significantly improve efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction. However, deficiency in customer-facing processes and difficulty in modifying them can cause frustration, delays, and financial loss. New business goals, innovative technologies, and changes in the market environment can all cause established processes to become inefficient.

For example, with social media penetrating every aspect of our lives, it’s important to utilize social media as an effective communication channel as well as a profiling device. If you don’t leverage social media as it becomes ‘the new normal’ for each and every person, chances are your business will underperform and you will fail to provide the best customer experience possible. You need to modify your process, incorporating social media as a possible communication channel at every stage of the customer journey to ensure that every client gets personalized attention at every point of interaction with the business. Make sure your CRM technology offers the agility to continually test, modify, and improve processes to stay tuned to the new business environment.

” Deficits in BPM maturity prevent change agents (individuals who lead changes) from delivering game-changing business outcomes from digital business initiatives,” said Marc Kerremans, research director at Gartner.


Adjust Processes Quickly And Easily With No Complex And Time-Consuming Configuration By It Specialists To Save Money And Get Higher Roi

Adjust Processes QuicklyMany organizations depend on CRM software vendors when they go about adjusting CRM processes to meet the specific needs of a company. Unfortunately, not all CRM vendors build valuable process management capabilities into their software. Therefore, adjusting business processes requires complex time-consuming configuration by tech specialists.

A process-driven CRM gives you the ability to tweak your processes within days with no technical expertise involved. Easy process configuration tools or bestpractice processes already pre-built in the system can save money, increase user adoption rate, and eventually drive higher ROI.

Related case: A leading B2B telemarketing agency, reported an ROI of 1281% on their process-driven CRM deployment after only three months of system usage. The success of this initiative lays in the agility the agency had to adjust their processes for each new client without complex and time consuming configuration by IT specialists. This helped the company to better serve their clients and get higher ROI


Continually Test, Modify, And Improve Business Processes To Drive Better Business Results

Improve Business ProcessesProcess-driven CRM enables you continually introduce and automate new processes. Such a system helps you find bottlenecks and inefficiencies and gives you the agility to adjust your processes fast and easy, with no technical expertise involved. Constantly test different approaches to see what works best. For example, you can replicate the processes of your most successful salespeople, and apply them universally across your company

Many business analysts predict that by 2017 70% of high-performing companies will manage their business processes using a business process management (BPM) platform. The experts are consistently stressing the benefits of merging CRM and BPM technologies, pointing to the importance of incorporating business process management at every stage of customer interactions.

Related case: An asset management firm operating in 16 countries deployed process-driven CRM software in 24 offices worldwide. This gave the company the ability to adjust and implement best practice practices instantly across the entire organization.


If your company is looking for the same benefits, as outlined in this eBook, a CRM solution with a BPM engine under the hood can be a good fit to help you continually introduce and automate new processes. A process-driven CRM software can give your business the agility to adapt quickly to changing demands and requirements in a cost-effective and productive way, increasing revenue, shortening sales cycles and lowering costs, while becoming more responsive to customer expectations.

” Many organizations are either beginning, or in the midst of, digital business transformation initiatives. We expect that only 30 percent of these efforts will succeed. To be part of that 30 percent, business and IT leaders must be ready and willing to innovate rapidly from a business model, business process and technology perspective,” said Julie Short, research director at Gartner.


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