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Table of Contents
  • What is BPM software about?
  • Main benefits of BPM system
  • Structure of business process management software
    • Basic software modules included in BPM platform
  • Implementation of BPM systems
  • How to choose the best BPM?

BPM software allows controlling all processes that take place in your company. It is the best way to make the work of your organization more efficient and as a result to significantly increase the company’s revenues. In order to choose the most appropriate variant of BPM system and learn more about https://www.bpmonline.com/bpm-software. You will be able to study all the offers that help you to improve your customer relationship and make your business more successful. Full information about BPM’online products you can get at https://www.bpmonline.com.

BPM system

Main benefits of BPM system

BPM – is a special approach to organization of your company’s work in a more efficient and productive way. The main goal of this approach is to avoid human mistakes and meet the needs of all stakeholders in the business process. BPM system allows monitoring and automating all processes by means of a special computer program.

By using such systems you will be able to:

  • improve management system in your organization;
  • reduce the costs of provided services and manufactured products;
  • quickly identify weak points of business processes and business units that reduce the overall efficiency;
  • control the whole situation in your company;
  • provide a clear division of responsibilities among the staff;
  • manage the working time of your employees effectively;
  • provide customers with quick and qualitative service.

Business process management system is easy to adopt and allows getting quick results. The functionality of such systems continues to expand. Moreover, they have the ability to integrate with enterprise management systems.

Structure of business process management software

With the help of BPM system it is possible to manage the workflow, information and interactions between systems and people involved in the process. As a rule, the structure of business process management includes several software components that allow you to manage all of these interactions.

Basic software modules included in BPM platform are the following:

  • graphical modeling – allows the analysts to present the process in terms of workflow, business rules and information flow;
  • dynamic modeling – is used for modeling the work process of the company in dynamics. Thus, you can identify problematic moments and make certain adjustments at the stage of modeling;
  • module of application development of BPM system provides the developer with the necessary tools to create the user interface, different dialog forms and integrate BPM systems with business applications and information systems;
  • module of workflows and business rules. This module implements flow-control mechanisms, flow of information and documents, and supervises the execution of the business rules;
  • interface processes modeling – users can view assigned tasks, prioritize and execute them;
  • the process control – is necessary for monitoring. It allows you to get process indicators, analyze them and generate the required reports. Monitoring can be done on various parameters of business processes;
  • module of system management –  is a tool for the system administrator.

The modules of business process management platform from various developers can have different names.


Implementation of BPM systems

Implementation of BPM system is constructed in the same cycle as the cycle of business process management. During the implementation, the BPM system creation covers all phases of process management.

Implementation of this system typically includes four phases:

  1. design. In this phase documentation, creating of the graphical models of a business process and its dynamic analysis, development of custom forms and interface, the definition of business rules and process data take place;
  2. implementation of the created models of business processes, defined business rules, user interface and forms and integration with existing information systems take place;
  3. management – this phase includes a testing process in a “manual” mode, exceptions to defined business rules are set, the process of control takes place in real time, the necessary feedback is entered into the process;
  4. optimization – this phase includes the processing and analysis of information about the work, identifying problematic areas of the created module, revealing the problems of interaction between the BPM system with other information systems and making adjustments to the business process.

After completion of all these phases, they are repeated, but in relation to the next process.

How to choose the best BPM?

A good BPM system should help the organization to improve productivity and the speed of execution of processes. The correct choice of system will influence the management efficiency and the quality of the process outcome. When choosing the best system, you must follow several sequential steps:

  1. Identify the area of improvement of business processes. You need to determine which of the processes of the organization are the most important from the point of view of their controllability. Among these processes it is necessary to highlight those that are most dependent on the staff and those that depend on the information or automation systems. Next, you must determine the part of the infrastructure of these processes;
  2. Determine the requirements of the processes that can be implemented through BPM software. You must consider that the system should allow managing  the processes with the predominant human and IT predominant factor;
  3. Document the requirements for BPM system and rank them according to the priority;
  4. Make a list of the BPM vendors . You must take into account that not all vendors can provide the implementation of the system. It is preferable to choose suppliers who can provide the necessary improvements of the system according to user’s requirements;
  5. Choose a software that meets  all your requirements.

With the help of the appropriate BPM system from a reliable developer you will be able to improve your company’s work, significantly increase your business productivity and revenues.

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