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Table of Contents
  • What does bpm stand for
  • Main components of BPM software
  • BPM working principles
  • Technical features of BPM software

The essence of BPM software and the way it can be used for improving business management process. 

Contemporary BPM systems include a lot of cutting-edge web tools and have a high level of customization. Bpm’online is a major provider of safe and efficient BPM software solutions for companies of any scale.

Business Process Management (or, shortly, BPM) is a relatively new management concept, which by the way, has already proved its feasibility and efficiency. The main idea of the concept is that a company’s performance can be significantly improved by means of introducing a web business process management platform through which all the company’s activities could be performed.


Such a platform embraces various programs and tools and provides vast analytical and managerial opportunities. Efficient and worry-free use of BPM platforms is possible only through the installation of high-quality BPM softwares.

Main components of BPM software

So what is BPM software about? There are four major blocks that help to build a bridge between the business and business-oriented information technologies:

  • Process engine. This is the BPM platform itself on which all BPM processes take place – customization, creation of models, analytics, data management, decision making etc.
  • Analytics — a powerful section that helps in obtaining statistical data and identifying business problems and opportunities. It is analytics that serves as the basis for all managerial decisions – from strategic ones to the daily routine.
  • Content management. BPM software contains a great selection of efficient tools for obtaining, storing and using various data, including documents, images, tables, graphs, contacts, and other types of files.
  • Collaboration tools. With the help of this section, you will be able to optimize working conditions within your company by means of introducing corporate chat, dynamic workspaces, message boards for employees etc.

BPM principles

BPM working principles

Main advantage of Bpm’online software (https://www.bpmonline.com) is that it is largely multi-purpose and has literally any web tool that your business may require. Thanks to business process software, you can address three main aspects of your company’s activities:

  • Marketing – the software enables in-depth market research, analytics and planning. The main marketing tools include email marketing and bulk email system.
  • Sales. Business process management software helps to manage the entire sales cycle – from the launch of the product to repeated sales. Various analytical tools provide you with comprehensive information on your sales for any given period of time, including sales volume, profits, number of clients etc. Besides, BPM software provides a convenient storing and a quick export of the data of such kind.
  • Service – here we speak about innovative web tools for delivering exceptional customer service. Thanks to business process management system, you will be able to stay in touch with your customers and provide them with assistance even after they have already made a purchase.

As we see, online business process management is a powerful system that provides a holistic approach to all business processes within your company. You will not have to use any other web system, and the necessity to perform manual operation will be reduced almost to zero.

One of the main features of BPM is its deep customization. You will be able to make the platform reflect all your business needs notwithstanding the sphere in which your company works. Customization is rather easy, and even non-technical users will be able to get used to it. Besides, companies do not have to take any special courses to learn how to use a BPM system, which results in smooth and worry-free introduction of the platform.

That fact that Bpm’online products are easy-to-use can also be explained by their very clear and intuitive interface. All the necessary options can be found within a second since there is no irrelevant information on the screen.

The BPM system has a nice design, which is very pleasant to work with. Your employees will enjoy using BPM products and will even have a higher working motivation.

Finally, BPM software is very flexible and can be accessed not only from the office computers but also from home laptops and various mobile devices. This means that you will be able to use all corporate data and apps even when you are out or away on a business trip. Hence, BPM secures smooth and uninterrupted working process, which is just another advantage that your business can benefit from.

Technical features of BPM software

Technical features of BPM software

In terms of technical implementation, Bpm’online has the following features:

  • Layout. BPM platforms are supplied as on-premises or cloud versions. The former option is preferred by big companies that have vast offices and server rooms. On the other hand, cloud BPM software tools are more convenient for small businesses that would like to optimize their IT expenses.
  • Modification. As we have already said above, BPM software is very flexible, with the new options being introduced through various web-services and stored procedures. Web designers normally use OData protocol, which involves sending HTTP commands and getting responses in various formats, including JSON, XML and Atom.
  • Exceptional security standards. BPM program is protected with the most cutting-edge security systems, so you may rest assured that sensible data would not be lost or disclosed to third parties.

Hence, BPM software is a truly integral, customizable and safe system designed for a comprehensive business management. Hundreds of companies all over the globe have already chosen BPM platforms as the one and only corporate web service for their businesses.

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