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Business process management software has been gaining its reputation as business process automation and systematization tools. BPM systems are critical for documenting, modeling, and execution. They are indispensable for continuously changing business processes and all available resources that are required for the company’s successful operation. The use of BPM tools influences the way you achieve your objectives, deliver value, set your targets, and make money. Your company’s business processes are of extreme importance since it is through them that your enterprise implements its strategic plans.

BPM pricing
BPM pricing

Why BPM is important

“Bad” processes will ultimately lead your company to a downfall. However, if you have the right tools to manage them, you will be able to bypass problems and find the right way to success. We can make a long list of BPM benefits; however, most if not all of them can be expressed in one phrase – BPM offers efficiency saving. Some other BPM benefits include: customer satisfaction – one of the main targets in helping expand your business and establish new branches of your company. Business flexibility is also an important issue that can assist in adapting your business to ever-changing market conditions.

BPM products that matter

Bpm’online delivers a wide range of products that can meet literally your organization’s needs. Customer relationship management (CRM) tools offered by bpm’online are supported by an up-to-date business process management platform. The company’s products provide for fast adaptation of sales, service, and marketing operations allowing your enterprise/organization to benefit from cutting-edge business practices. The products are part of BPM software developed by the real professionals delivering end-to-end processes to manage a complete client’s experience. Please, visit https://www.bpmonline.com/crm-products to get more information. When selecting BPM tools, it is extremely important to find the right quality/BPM prices ratio.

Disadvantages of free BPM software

There are free BPM products on the market. Free products are represented by generally free software that your company can use. While the developers of this software choose to make it available to the general public on the free basis, from a business user perspective, this can present the following disadvantages:

  • Open systems mean that they are available to all users, and malicious users can potentially utilize the vulnerabilities of those systems to cause harm to other users.
  • Free software may be free to use in most cases; however, there may be hidden or indirect costs, such as payments for online support.
  • Open source systems rely on the community of users to detect and fix bugs, and so there may be less support available for users in case of software malfunction.
  • Free software can be not as easy to use since its developers do not pay as much attention to its interface.
  • Since open source software is not intended for commercial use, its designers may tend to develop it more in accordance to their wishes.

The Real Cost of BPM Software

Why BPM prices are attractive

Bpm’online offers some of the best BPM prices for its products. The company’s sales editions can fit your business model in the best possible way. You can select one of three available packages that will meet your enterprise’s need:

  • Team
  • Commerce
  • Enterprise

Team Edition is a great software for small and medium-size businesses that have direct sales teams. This edition offers opportunity management – from lead to contract. Its platform features include: use of mobile applications, business process management, document flow management, lead management and a few other key features.

Commerce Edition is a perfect tool for e-commerce and short-sale cycles. This edition offers the following features for commerce: product catalogue management, products and services, and orders and invoices, while its platform features include those indicated above and a few others.

Enterprise Edition was developed for medium-sized and large companies to manage e-commerce, wholesale distribution, POS, and multiple sales channels including field force. It offers sophisticated tools to achieve goals set in the areas indicated above. While providing a wide range of useful platform features, this edition offers such key functions as sales forecasting, contract management, project management, and a few other features.

Please, visit us to get more information regarding BPM prices.

BPM price

Co-operation that lasts

Bpm’online offers reliable customer relationship management software providing continuous support and regular updates. The team of true experts spends hundreds of hours each week improving and developing the software to meet the most basic and, at the same time, sophisticated needs of bpm’online customers. Its BPM prices are suitable for every organization or company providing the best price-to-quality ratio. Bpm’online goes beyond that and offers helpful insights into BPM features and functions. The software has been developed in line with the best practices of the present-day industry trends. Moreover, bpm’online is always one step ahead of its competitors offering tools and features that do not have equivalents. For instance, it is the community service that promotes interaction among all bpm’online customers.

Bpm’online community

Bpm’online welcomes its customers and guests to visit bmp’online community! Once you register, you can leave comments, ask questions, and interact with other users. The Community has two sections:

  • Discussions
  • Knowledge Hub

Each one of them is dedicated to a different area that is usually of great interest for businesses.

Discussions in the section are used for questions frequently asked by the customers. Many questions are related to business processes and issues associated with them. For instance, clients ask how information in custom fields can be modified. The answers they receive there can save a lot of valuable time.

Knowledge Hub is the section dedicated to exclusive resources and materials regarding bpm’online products. Once you get there, you will be able to find a lot of helpful information in the form of webinars, user guides, and manuals regarding the software.

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