Drive smarter sales processes to win more deals

Drive smarter sales processes to win more deals

Table of Contents Streamlined sales process Prospecting: qualification & needs analysis stages Working on an opportunity: presentations, proposals and negotiations Closing the deal: contract & closing stages Technology to support sales operations Conclusion Tips for building integrated sales processes to increase win rates and revenue Key findings: Why streamlined and automated sales processes are crucial…

marketing automation software

Marketing Automation Software

Understanding Marketing Automation Marketing automation is the practice of utilizing software to automate marketing activities. Marketing professionals  make use of such software to automate repetitive tasks, such as emails, social media analysis, and other online activities. Marketing automation software significantly reduces the time and effort to accomplish such tasks. Additionally, marketing software tools are used to manage and…

Banking CRM Software

Banking CRM Software: From Accounts to Complicated Transactions

Nowadays CRM in banking sector offers a great deal of tools for managing banking processes. Bpm’online The powerful banking CRM offers various tools for front-offices and contact centers. Users manage a full process of bank sales and analyze client database to get precise data. A unified database of bank customers includes detailed profiles, the history…


The Power of Help Desk Software

Imagine that an employee manages to accidentally infect the computer network with a rapidly spreading piece of malware. The IT department struggles to cope with the rising volume of calls to the support desk while trying to simultaneously protect sensitive business data and bringing systems back to normal. For companies with a large workforce, this…

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